venerdì 20 febbraio 2009

Abuse Your Friends 2

Il buon vecchio Sid Abuse era uno che aveva orecchio. Aveva una fanzine se non sbaglio, e pubblicava anche compilation e 7" e CD (mi ricordo le Vyvyan!). Questa è una di queste ottime compilation (Il titolo esaatto è Abuse Your Friends 2 - This Might Excite You!!!), uno spaccato su gruppi underground che avevano tanto, ma tanto da dire! Ci troverete dentro un pò di tutto, dalle chitarre alle cose più dance, però tutta roba più o meno buona. Sicuramente un bel tuffo nel passato! (1999 Abuse)

1. This Might Excite You - Sometimes Seven
2. Cemented Shoes - My Vitriol
3. Trap - Max Tractor
4. We Got The Soul - Needles (SRN Radio Version)
5. Today Is Over - Auntie Mable
6. Day Job - Trigger
7. Kill The Kids - Know It Alls
8. Song For Children Of The World - Prima Donnas
9. Satellite - Tea
10. Blink - My Legendary Girlfriend
11. Modern Girls On Trains - Caramel Jack
12. Listen Up - Cookers
13. Scratching Right Now - DJ Scratch FU
14. Hey Sucker - Memory Man Feat. Kinky George Popadopulos
15. Choose Your Own Adventure - Team Outboard
16. Dance Lesson - Understudy Inferior
17. Nu Stylophone - Custard Crew
18. Bake Me A Cake - Tilehurst
19. Track 2 - Hex Minora

Riporto quanto trovato da una recensione su Amazon relativa a questa compilation, giusto per inquadrare meglio questi gruppi:

Abuse Your Friends 2 is one of the finest compilations ever devised, it covers the full spectrum of music from hardcore punk-to-extreme-noise- to-hard-edge-pop-and-straight-edge-disco.

SOMETIMES SEVEN Very Bob Mould/Buffalo Tom/Replacements sound.

MY VITRIOL are already a very, very special band. It's been years since the death of Kurt Cobain and here you hear that his spirit still lives on.

MAXTRACTOR sound like a wonderful mix match of Hole/Sleater-Kinney, but with the extra employment of strings.

NEEDLES it has to be stated are real soul brothers. And are definitely a band to watch out for, over the coming months.

AUNTIE MABLE come from Basildon, Essex they total six, but not much else is known about them.

TRIGGER produce a greater power pop punk for the masse. They are a three piece from Hamilton, Canada. Thankfully they don't sound like the Barenaked Ladies, instead they sound like the wonderful fellow Canadian band the Doughboys, but on a very sunny day.

KNOW IT ALL'S Good time ska punks. Think Vandals crossed with Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, without the humour, or maybe that should be with a twisted sick humour.

PRIMA DONNAS a chaotic disco pop racket created in a basement in Olympia, USA.

TEA is a one-woman wonder from San Francisco, she plays everything.

MY LEGENDARY GIRL play pop music for people who claim to not like pop music.

CARAMEL JACK will have you believing that just after one listen of Modern Girls On Trains that they are rather different. Reference points are the likes of Gomez/Beck/Beta Band, but Caramel Jack have their own personality.

COOKERS Newbury old skool flava hip hop crew, a super wave your hands in the air, spin on your head and body pop until you drop cocktail of Beastie Boys/Thrashpack/3rd Bass.

DJ SCRATCH FU a fifteen year old skate kid from Oxfordshire, who reckons that he only listens to Slayer, Korn and Venom but creates annoying tributes to Fatboy Slim.

MEMORY MAN FEATURING KINKY GEORGE POPADOPOLOS a 30 plus old punk who was last seen playing drums for Anti Pasti in 1984. He discovered a passion for French disco in 1997 and hasn't looked back.

TEAM OUTBOARD is the alter ego of fast rising big beat maverick DJ Downfall. Team Outboard goes on another electronic adventure, slicker, more sensitive and definitely far sexier.

THE UNDERSTUDY INFERIOR produces electronic music for people who don't like dance music. Somewhere between Aphex Twin/Alec Empire/Add N To X.A.

CUSTARD CREW The sheer brilliance of the Custard Crew is that they haven't a clue what the hell they are doing. Fab.

TILEHURST were the Pin-Ups, then they were U-Boat Commander and Tilehurst, and now the Pin-Ups again. A perverse mixture of Oasis/Sex Pistols/Pink Floyd.

HEX MINORA Digital Hardcore nonsense at its most extreme. Excellent stuff to blast out your stereo late at night.


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