venerdì 6 marzo 2009

Arnold "Bahama"

Gli Arnold sono un gruppo che ho sempre amato. Un pò come Alan McGee che ai tempi della Creation a un certo punto decise di non mettere più sotto contratto nessuno, ma fece 1 strappo per gli Arnold che lo avevano conquistato. Fin dal loro 10" pollici d'esordio hanno saputo mettere in piedio un sound fatto di tante emozioni e riverberi, un gruppo intenso, ecco come potrei definirli. Questo è il loro disco d'addio. Come sempre qualità molto alta. Sotto ho postato un paio di recensioni, perchè sono ben fatte e questo disco merita belle parole. (2001 Poptones)

"Creation Records may have fallen by the wayside now, but former boss Alan McGee's new Poptones label has signed up another useful addition to its roster with London's Arnold. Their last full length recording 'Hillside', signalled the rise of a group infused with the tunefulness and inherent sadness of a modern-day Big Star. 'Bahama' heads more towards Beach Boys territory; not in the harmony stakes (the Arnold vocals are much more breathy) but certainly in the dreamy production that is employed throughout this album. This album does not necessarily improve on 'Hillside' but is definitely more coherent. Songs meander by wistfully and in the centre of the record reach a glorious peak in the form of 'Oh My' wich begins with a guitar figure aping The Chameleons at their most ethereal, goes on to the verse which recalls The Temptations' 'My Girl' and then reaches a glorious, blissed-out chorus. Less stunning, but worthy of note all the same, are the more thoughtful 'Other Son', the lush qualities of 'Climb' and the credited closer 'Pavey Ark' (credited, because there are 3 uncredited tracks at the end of the album); each one of them an otherwordly gem. Da Leonard's Lair"

"Symphonic, melodic, and hypnotic, it takes precisely 33 seconds into the opening cut, "Climb," for Arnold's symptomatic Wall of Sound to wash ashore in a wave that would lull Brian Wilson out of bed. Confidently withdrawn into a melancholy world of their own, the triumvirate of Mark Saxby, Phil Payne, and Phil Morris have created a somnambulistic collection of low-key pleasantries which synthesize bits and pieces of psychedelia, folk, Baroque pop, and Brill Building songcraft. Though they're often compared to younger acts such as Travis and Radiohead, the members of Arnold are more likely to have experienced artists like Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, and assorted Phil Spector records first hand, which accounts for the ensemble's level of maturity on their third official release. Hidden underneath Bahama's hazy timbre are pulsing rhythms ("Easy"), glam overtones ("Tiny Car"), reverberant organs ("Jus de Lune"), and legato guitar phrases ("Other Son") all revealed at a leisurely pace. Bahama is a decidedly warmer record than its predecessor and musically it's more developed, as it showcases the group's interplay, harmonies, and musical dexterity. ~ Tom Semioli, All Music Guide"

- Climb
- Tiny Car
- Hangmans Waltz
- Jus de Lune
- Oh My
- Easy
- Boo Yoo
- Other Son
- Pavey Ark


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  1. Ecco, gli Arnold sono un gruppo "di Riccardo" al 100%... senza di lui mai e poi mai li avrei sentiti perchè siamo veramente in territori underground! Melodie efficacissime, pop nel senso più nobile del termine!

  2. Eh beh...gli Arnold hanno lasciato un piccolo segno nella storia della Creation...ti ricordi cosa diceva Carlo Villa nel suo libricino? Diceva che Mcgee non voleva mettere più sotto contratto nessuno, ma poi si innamorò degli Arnold e per loro fece 1 eccezione! Quindi il potenziale c'è sempre stato e questi dischi lo confermano!