mercoledì 4 marzo 2009

Birth "Sweet Idol"

Trovarmi il singolo dei Birth fra le mani mi mette tristezza, perchè mi fa pensare a quanti soldi ho butatto via in dischi e album inutili. Quante volte loavrò ascoltato questo? Mah, diciamo 0,2 volte! E il bello è che ho pure il disco.
Per chi non conoscesse Birth vi posto la recensione di Amazon...magari a voi piace...

"The slightly mysterious Birth is actually a floating band of session players and chums revolving around the talents of a multi-instrumentalist chappie who calls himself DL. On the evidence of Gotten Bold, he's an accomplished songwriter, in a blue-eyed soul/R&B kind of way, but without the dazzling super-sheen that reduces so much of this kind of thing to antiseptic heartlessness. His voice is a little George Michael-ish on "Solair", with its super-chilled female French rapper and his angry wah-wah guitar snarling away at the end, and his tastier guitar licks suggest he could give Lenny Kravitz or Prince a run for their money. There's more than a hint of a McCartney melody about his debut single, "Sweet Idol", and the presence of long-time Bee Gees member Blue Weaver on several cuts ensures an impressive range of imaginative keyboard sounds. There's no obvious huge hit single here, so the songs can take a couple of plays to sink in, but DL is an artist who, given time and support, will develop into a serious long-term prospect. --Johnny Black"

- Sweet Idol
- Groovin
- Omen


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