domenica 15 marzo 2009

Linoleum "The Race From The Burning Building Lp"

Mi piaceva molto l'album d'esordio dei Linoleum, questo secondo disco un pò ammetto che non l'ho sentito con la dovuta attenzione. Anzi...adesso me lo vado a rimettere sullo stereo, intanto vi posto la classica recensione inglese. (2000 Fierce Panda)

"If Linoleum had released this album in 1995 it would have definitely been on the 4AD Records label. Linoleum's second long player harks back to the days when constituted a pale looking female singer backed by serious looking people providing angst-ridden lyrics and intense guitar chords which in turn recalled the post-punk period of the early 80's; they were very popular with students. Despite its largely second-hand feel this record has 'legs'; 'Your Back Again' (presumably a grammatical error), 'Black Dress' and 'Don't Come Down' recall the earnest punk-pop of latter-day Lush with style and panache although Caroline Finch's voice is more akin to a less child-like version of Alison Shaw of The Cranes' fame. Bonus marks are awarded for the faithful cover of The Passions' post-punk masterpiece 'I'm In Love With A German Film Star'. Some may argue that Linoleum are five years too late to capitalise on success and it's hard to see where they go from here but many will find much to cherish on this nostalgic trip."

- Your Back Again
- Black Dress
- Don't Come Down
- Sirens
- 29
- I'm In Love With A German Film Star
- Libertine
- Sing To Me
- Til Daylight Found Them
- This Scene


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