mercoledì 25 marzo 2009

Malluka "The Deceptive Sound Of This"

Ma che bello questo mini album dei Malluka. Usciva per Fierce Panda e come leggerete da questa breve recensione inglese, bruciava dello stesso fuoco sacro che animava i primi Placebo, ma anche la stessa oscurità dei Joy Division! 7 pezzi che mettono i brividi. Giuro! (2000 Fierce Panda)

Malluka's debut album features an androgynous kiddy cover-star, a bit like Placebo's. They probably met in an art-school common room, in the corner furthest from the window - in a similar manner, no doubt, to Placebo. And on 'The Deceptive Sound Of This', Malluka revisit the sort of frenetic new wave that graced Placebo's debut. Which would make Malluka entirely pointless, were it not for the fact that Brian Molko currently resides in Rocky Horror rehab, recovering from an overdose of bombast, a dangerous case of narcissism, and a serious deficiency of good tunes. Over this seven-track mini-album, though, Malluka, demonstrate that they do it rather well, careening from the starting blocks with the incandescent teenage riot of 'Tupelo', chattering in gothic tongues on 'Strait-Jacket Tailor', and cruising serenely towards a cloud-strewn horizon on 'Boat Song', as the wind whistles around their cheekbones. Elsewhere, though, Malluka widen their reach to encompass the incandescent guitar scrawl of Daydream Nation-era Sonic Youth, the sinister clatter of Joy Division and the gothic grandeur of the Cure. (

- Tupelo
- Deceptive Sound Of This
- Cut Off Your Nose
- Strait Jacket Tailor
- Beehive
- Boat Song
- Hollow Men


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