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Dex Dexter "Another Car Another Carcrash"

C'è voglia di Romo? E allora che Romo sia.
Ovviamente grazie a super Aurelio che mi trova questo piccolo gioiellino del tempo che fu, ovvero i cari Dex Dexter, descritti anche come "Sound like a Japanese pop band called Hide. The singer sounds like Simon LeBon wearing trousers that are too tight" oppure "These guys are, roughly speaking, an 'Eno-Sylvian car crash' or rather they sound like Roxy Music.
They're called after the character in US soap Dynasty. Several of them are Basque. They look very strange, even for futurists. They keep putting off issuing their debut single called, incidentally 'Another car, another crash'." Sotto 2 parole sul gruppo... (1996 Trade2)

Now That's What I Call Romo! Dex Dexter were an band formed in late 1994 via an ad in the pages of 'Melody Maker'.
The line-up was Xavior (vocals), Even (keyboards), Gjeih (guitar) and Gage (bass). They were augmented by female drummer Elle for live engagements. The band were named by singer Xavior, after the character Dex Dexter, a lover of Alexis Colby, from 80's U.S. soap opera 'Dynasty'. By 1995 they were up and gigging in the London area.
A two track demo tape containing the songs 'Chemistry Of Youth' and 'V.D' was handed to Kevin Skinny, promoter of the popular Club Skinny night, and the band were invited to come and play at a future date.
This gig, supporting Brighton-based Plastic Fantastic (coming soon!), would kick-start the Romo movement, as then-'Melody Maker' journalist Simon Price (DJing that night), decided to do a special front-cover Romo feature in November 1995. Dex Dexter got themselves a management team and readied themselves to ride on the growing media profile.
The'Romo On The March' tour in March 1996 resulted in substantial record company interest and Dex Dexter decided to sign with the new Trade 2 label, owned by Island Records.
During the summer of 1996 the band began recording and issued one single, 'Another Car, Another Car Crash', in early 1997 (fabulous artwork!). However, due to hissyfits and friction surrounding songwriting decisions, they split later the same year.
Singer Xavior was retained by Trade 2/Island as a solo artist but was dropped in 1998, his finished solo album remaining unreleased.
Around this time, he also appeared in the Todd Haines film 'Velvet Goldmine' as the character Pearl.

- Another Car, Another Carcrash
- Headlites Headlines
- Car Trek
- Untitled


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  1. beh allora devi assolutamente postare gli Orlando, non solo il più grande gruppo romo del periodo, ma uno dei grandissimi gruppi pop dei '90.

  2. Arriveranno....arriveranno!
    Grazie mille!

  3. Se hai bisogno degli Orlando ho tutto...anche se il Magic e.p. è in vinile

  4. Grazie carissimo, penso di avere tutto dei cari se ho bisogno ti faccio un fischio!
    Ciao. Ricky

  5. Grazie mille! estuve buscando esto mucho tiempo!!!

  6. Best band ever? !!

  7. Can you re-upload this and Fiddling While Romo Burns? Been looking for these forever and never had a chance to buy them, since I'm stuck in the American Midwest, and we don't get many cool imports...