mercoledì 15 aprile 2009

These Animal Men "Too Sussed?

E avanti tutta con i These Animal Men. Mini Lp esplosivo che precedeva l'uscita del disco d'esordio. Fondamentale a dire poco. Mi da ragione pure 1 utente di ginocchio pure lui! (1994 Virgin)

"This was These Animal Men's first (mini) album - an absolute classic. Refined British punk. Two singles, two b sides, and a taut, stunning BBC Radio 1 live version of 'Too Sussed'. These Animal Men were inspirational, are cruelly forgotten or unheard of by many. A cross between The Clash, Pistols, Who and the Manics (without the moaning etc)." (Stepehen Mckee su Amazon)

- Too Sussed? (Live)
- Speeed King
- Jobs For The Boys
- Who's The Daddy Now?
- You're Not My Babylon


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