mercoledì 27 maggio 2009

The Dandys "Symphonic Screams"

Davvero britannici questi Dandys, che venivano da Leeds. Non sono stato mai un loro grandissimo ammiratore, ma devo dire che certe carte nella loro partita le hanno giocate davvero bene. In particolare alcuni singoli brillavano per linea melodica e impatto convincente. (1998 Artificial Records)

Qui sotto la recensione del MM...
As keen viewers of BBC2’s Sunday morning kids show "Fully Booked", will already know, The Dandys are not a band to let credibility get in the way of a good plug. This is, after all, that combo that toured with Shed Seven; they’re also an act who have found themselves in the unfortunate position of having released half their album before it hits the shops. So here are the five releases to date, plus seven others.
This is an album which - as all good pop albums should be - seems wholly derivative. Some parts sound like David Bowie or Suede, others like Blur or the aforementioned Sheds. This may or may not be a good thing (I think its good), and The Dandys may or may not be the worst band in the world ( I don’t think they are). Fitting - as they seem to - between spangly-shirted foppishness and checked-shirt laddishness is hard work for the listener, but songs like "Dirty Weekend" and "The Butterfly Song" both do so with stylish dexterity and tuneful execution. The next album should be a stormer. Meanwhile this is fine and dandy. (Peter Robinson)

- Intro
- Merry Go Round
- Drag Queen
- You Make Me Want to Scream
- English Country Garden
- Dirty Weekend
- All That You Do
- I Wanna Be Like You
- Walter Ego
- Long Live the King
- Butterfly Song
- Johnny Foxtrot


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  1. Fra i miei "figli di un dio minore" preferiti di quegli anni (con Wireless, Subcircus, Rialto, Geneva ecc....). All'epoca mi comprai anche tutti i singoletti.

  2. Come dicevo nel post non mi hanno mai fatto impazzire....però in questo blog non potevano certo mancare!

  3. Great Band.Loved the Merry goround and Long Live The King tracks.Pure Brit Pop with a nice Psychy edge to them.Very underated band indeed!Many Thanks !!
    Gary in the uk