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Flamingoes "Street Noise Invades The House"

12 anni dopo l'esordio ecco che tornano i fratellini Cook. Ebbene si, nel 2007 i Flamingoes tornano in pista e il risultato è davvero buono. Magari meno esplosivi rispetto all'esordio (che presentava alcuni brani dove era impossibile non saltare per 3 minuti per tutta la casa in preda a una frnesia pop incontrollata), ma con una sensibilità e un tocco davvero magnifico. Un disco dove le melodie guitar pop del gruppo risaltano e ci fa rimpiangere che non abbiano avuto la visibilità che meritavano! (2007 Distort Boy Records)

Ecco quello che dice il loro sito...

"Twelve years after their debut album 'Plastic Jewels', twin brothers Jude and James Cook are reunited to record the follow-up, 'Street Noise Invades the House'.

Written mainly by brother James and produced by the twins, 'Street Noise Invades the House' is scheduled for release on October 1st 2007 on Distort Boy Records via Cadiz Music/Pinnacle. The album draws on their early influences - Beatles, Bowie, Punk and Power Pop but also persues the more reflective style begun on songs such as 'Absent Fathers, Violent Sons' and 'Winter'.

The new sound, described as "The Webb Brothers meets Blur" is a giant leap from the first album. While 'Plastic Jewels' was a guitar-pop sugar-rush ("Glum Glam", The Guardian), 'Street Noise..' is more of a late-night slow burner.

'Street Noise Invades The House' features guest appearances from One Little Indian artist Polly Paulusma (backing vocals) and the comedian/writer Rob Newman (Ukulele, Banjo-lele).

The artwork (left) was designed by Martin Andersen of Andersen M Studios ( ). Martin, who started his career at V23 with Vaughn Oliver, has designed sleeves for Roger Eno and Piano Magic amongst others. He has also done cover photography for Flaming Lips, Air, Belle and Sebastian, and Four Tet for the Late Night Tales series.

Flamingoes' myspace can be found at"

- From An Early Morning Train
- Good Feeling
- Suzy Please
- I Wish You Would
- Hole In The Sky
- Saint Jo
- Star Trek
- Late Night Shopping
- Seagulls
- Skylight
- Peace Of Mind
- Holland
- Things Fall Apart
- Sun In The Morning


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