sabato 23 maggio 2009

The Pecadiloes "Caught On Venus"

E' tempo di Pecadiloes. Gruppo davvero valido. Ottimi singoli ed ep preparativi, anche per la Fierce Panda (e ciò è sempre un vanto) e poi ecco il disco. Non le solite cose, ma davvero idee chiare, melodie non scontate, rimandi a Fall e Wire, attenzione ai suoni e risentendolo questo disco non ha perso nulla del suo fascino. Sotto una veloce descrizione del gruppo scovata su internet...(1998 Fine Art Limited)

Be impressed, be just a little bit afraid. here is a band who will open your eyes to something very different. how do they do it? four talented young men with an ear for a good melody and an understanding of the strange got together about three years ago and it was the best thing they could have ever done. nick, pip, elliot and ian combine guitars, keyboards, beats and complex bass riffs to produce a sound the defies categorisation. imagine if jon spencer fronted the clash and threw in a couple of samplers to freak everybody out and you’ve nearly got it - the weird, the live energy and, well, the other bit. this band have great stage presence and put on a performance. from the screaming fury of the two-bass ‘deep reversal’ to the gentle beauty of ‘the congregation smiles’, the pecadiloes give both the listener and audience something special to behold. buy the album, see them play live and marvel at the brilliance of these four bedford boys. allow them to scare you then let them take over you hearts. but don’t take your eyes off them for a minute because let me assure you, with the forthcoming release of their new material, the pecadiloes are going to be huge……

- Congregation Smiles
- Blood Orange
- Cry
- The Wanting Song
- 10 Feet Tall
- Deep Reversal
- Coming Undone
- Kirsten's Beach
- My Mirrored Window
- Circles
- Peace And Quiet


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