domenica 21 giugno 2009

It's Jo And Danny "Thugs Lounge"

A richiesta rispondo. Ecco il secondo disco di It's Jo And Danny e sotto un paio di recensioni, con la seconda abbastanza critica sul lavoro, a dire il vero. Folk gentile, impreziosito dall'elettronica, atmosfere alla Belle & Sebastian che si incrociano con i Saint Etienne? Ma si, perchè no? (2001 Double Snazzy)

It's Jo and Danny's second collection, Thugs Lounge is just as awkward and haphazard as Lank Haired Girl to Bearded Boy and it's home-spun folk-pop is just as charming. If there is a difference, it's that unexpected success has brought with it the confidence to be more fruitcake than ever and the determination to dream up melodies that are even more beguiling. From the simple acoustics of touching ballad "Pillow Fights" to the sweet summer pop of "Give a Little Bit Extra" and "Real Thing", via blissful hum-along rock ("Driven Away", "Hug a Tree for Me") and quirky madness including bagpipes, kazoos and swamp blues pigs, Thugs Lounge brims with imagination, surprises and unshakeable tunes enough to separate It's Jo And Danny from just about every other acoustic/pop act on the planet. Without a doubt, this is another lo-fi masterpiece from the couple who give both hippies and folk a good name. (Dan Gennoe - Amazon)

Widely sneered at when they appeared on the scene last year, childhood sweethearts Jo and Danny have had the last laugh by becoming minor celebrities on the alternative folk circuit. Truth be told, however, their second album is a severe disappointment, its wide-eyed naivete proving ultimately irritating rather than seductive. There's plenty of interesting sounds here (bagpipes, electric guitars, psychedelic beats) but the songs themselves are twee, patronising and often deeply annoying. Over the course of a whole album, their hippy charm begins to wear extremely thin. Time for a re-think. (Andrew Lynch -

- Trip Din Trip Doubt
- Driven Away
- Happy Street
- Dying Kiss
- Hug A Tree For Me
- Sign Of The Cross
- Adonis And The Pig
- Real Thing
- In The Here And Now
- 21st Century Folk
- Pillow Fights
- Give A Little Bit Extra


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