giovedì 11 giugno 2009

Sharkboy "The Valentine Tapes"

Si muovono su territori Dream Pop gli Sharkboy, che dopo un buon primo disco velato di Velvet Underground e Mazzy Star ritornano con questa seconda opera dove tutto sommato hanno mantenuto i loro stili e rimandi musicali, con suoni e strumentazioni d'atmosfera che portavano a un suono oscuro e rarefatto. Un buon lavoro. (1996 Nude)

Sharkboy were a short-lived British band who was signed to Suede’s label. Their second and last album is as persuasive a foray into dreampop as the equally defunct Heart-Throbs were. Chanteuse Avy whispers seductively as while the band play. Multi-instrumentalist Adrian Oxaal(cool name) plays guitar, keys, cello and marimba and is an integral part of the floaty, creamy vibe the band create. “Big Black Jaguar” sounds like a classic pop song with its up-tempo vibe and Avy who sounds like a down-tempo Chrisse Hynde, sassy but not overly fond of stating that she thinks she’s great. You kind of sense that she thinks so though. “You make me feel like a prince up here” she pouts.
“Same Mother of pearl” puts a rockabilly slant on things. Suddenly Oxaal is all Bo Diddley on the guitar and someone plays the harmonica. I get the idea that this would be suit a James Dean movie. “From Your Eye” is back in dreamland. Avy puts on her softest smile and the band become Low if Low ever raised the tempo. Avy puts in words of “starlit eyes” and a palpable romantic yearning.
“Sugarmanshine” is bluesy and there’s that Bo Diddley thing happening again. The mood makes me picture a gin joint somewhere. Avy sounds like she has her hands on her hips while she sings, all nonchalant and sexy.
My favorite song is “Dean”. Avy sings of a dreamy boy. “Oh Dean you’re still only sixteen in that silverscreen head of yours” it goes.
We get a monotonous but melodic Velvet Undergound thing musically.
Then there’s the lovely ׁD Angelshell” with washes of cello and words of finding a shell. “Wrap me in your cotton love” Avy sings. Or at least I think she does, there’s no lyric sheet to help. The song gets a bit seasick towards the end, its tempo accelerating and all pretensions of making sense stops. The stunning “Teenage Heart” is a tribute to loving someone with wings while you’re on the ground. After this Sharkboy vanished, maybe they grew wings and flew away. This was a fine way to exit. Go raid the bargain bins. (

- Tiny Seismic Night
- Big Black Jaguar
- Take My Hand
- Same Mother Of Pearl
- From Your Eye
- Blazer
- Sugarmanshine
- Dean
- 3D Angelshell
- Teenage Heart
- Maxine.


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