lunedì 13 luglio 2009

Ben & Jason "Emoticons"

Capolavoro elettro acustico per Ben & Jason, che nella loro carriera hanno realizzato dei dischi davvero magnifici, ma hanno decisamente raccolto meno di quanto meritavano. Se penso che buffoni come Turin Brakes prendevano consensi e salivano in classifica e B&J rimanevano nell'ombra, beh, mi viene rabbia. E lasciamo perdere il NAM...lasciamo perdere i noiosi KOC (occhialone maledetto che tu possa morire!!)....concentriamoci su questa meraviglia, su questi arrangiamenti, su melodie senza tempo. Mi ripeto: un capolavoro. (1999 Go Beat)

Their moniker makes them sound like idealistic ice cream merchants, but they're mentioned in the same breath as Nick Drake since Robert Kirby, Drake's string arranger, scored the opening track on their previous album, 'Hello'. London's Ben & Jason slyly evade single comparisons.
Sometimes they remind you of Paul McCartney in his White Album period, as on the unassuming but irresistible 'Air Guitar' or on the superficially jolly but sour-centred 'Dear Sally'. Elsewhere, they're reminiscent of Radiohead, on 'Smiling Shy' or 'Romeo And Juliet Are Drowning' with its petulant, out-of-character guitar wig-out. But we're talking about a less windy, less dramatised Radiohead.
Ben Parker and Jason Hazeley cite John Martyn and Joni Mitchell as influences. Like them, their songs don't just move you, they're songs that you move through, full of over-matter, juxtapositions, thick curtains of chamber strings. This album was recorded in a cluttered railway arch and it properly, physically reflects the mess their heads were in when they wrote it. Yet in spite of the weight of sheer stuff in their songs, there's a winsome lightness about Ben & Jason - whether it's the touching inadequacy of Jason's falsetto vocals or the artful wit with which these songs are composed and constructed. Emoticons drifts about on a shifting sea of sentiments but, light craft that it is, refuses to go under.
8 out of 10 (

- Widows Walk
- Air Guitar
- Smiling Guitar
- Cartoon Heart
- Say Come
- What I Meant To Say
- Emoticons
- Trapped Behind The Glass
- Halfway Up A Tree
- Romeo And Juliet Are Drowning
- Dear Sally
- I'll Always Want You
- Play For Today


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  1. gran disco ce l'avevo originale, ma nessuno si è accorto di questo grande gruppo!