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Dum Dums "It Goes Without Saying"

Sarebbe ingiusto catalogare i Dum Dums come mero gruppo pop punk. Ma lo dico e ci credo, giuro. Questo gruppo faceva un power pop davvero piacevole e melodico, ma con piglio, buona attitudine e, almeno secondo me, una discreta dose di sincerità. Ok, niente di nuovo, ok giovani e carini per la gioia della fanciulle, mi sembra che i ragazzi abbiano imparato bene una lezione musicale e poi l'abbiano messa in pratica con tanta applicazione e buona volontà, mettendoci anche del proprio. Insomma promossi a pieni voti! Sotto un paio di recensioni! (2000 MCA)

One man's heaven is another man's hell, and in America those who would rather not eat apple pie, have a white picket fence and drive a family saloon, invariably spend their post-teen days rocking out to humorously shouty mouthed songs about just how much life really sucks. Hence the phenomenal stateside success of Green Day, Blink 182 and Less Than Jake. Dum Dums are of a similar mind. But while "The Kind Of Day I've Had", "Everything", "Caught Me In A Trap" and "Killing Me With Kindness" are skate punk tales of dead-end jobs and general suburban hell, it's skate punk UK style. Theirs is rebellion with a pop sensibility more akin to The Jam or The Police than The Offspring. That Robbie Williams's producer Steve Powers agreed to produce them before they were even signed is a clue to where they're really at. Like Williams, they have an endless supply of catchy tunes, a healthy dose of rock attitude and, in "Lonely Hearts Company", "Army Of Two" and the epic power weepy "Until My Ship Comes In", the ability to tug at the heart strings and still be cool. (Dan Gennoe - Amazon)

Oh to be an angry suburban youth! Mum and dad don't understand. You're sure as hell not going to be a slave to the boss and the Friday wage packet all your life.
Oh no! You're gonna break away from the numbers and their private hells (gratuituous use of Jam song titles alert!) and do your own thing goddam it!
And you're going to escape the lonely, anonymous life of the masses by playing your punk rock electric guitar. Smash the apathy, burn the office down, appear on CD:UK, be nice to your fans, shift a few albums.
Power trio Dum Dums aren't the first so-called angry young men of rock to bristle and sneer. Like the many outfits whose sounds they draw upon - The Jam, Elvis Costello, The Police, Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers- their guitars are jagged, their energy unflagging, their hair decidedly spiky.
And they pen irresistibly catchy pop songs too - singles 'Everything', 'Can't Get You Out Of My Thoughts' (they do occasionally find time in their hectic 'angry' schedule to fall in love) 'You Do Something To Me' are all mighty fine and bouncy toe-tappers.
Then there are the slowies. The Travis-style strummings of 'Lonely Hearts Company', or the melancholy acoustic yearning of live favourite 'Until My Ship Comes In'. There's something for everyone on the chaps' debut album.
But it's not quite enough. Oft likened to a boy band with guitars, Dum Dums are not taken as seriously as perhaps they'd like. It part of the problem is in the hollowness of the gestures.
Sure they make all the right noises but try as they might they don't look or act the part. They look too manufactured, clean cut, manicured, they say nothing in interviews, they don't make a noise.
And they don't look very angry at all actually. In fact they look as though they've never had to raise their voices to get what they want ever in their short lives.
Small point perhaps but some people like their bands to mean it. ( - Cyd Jaymes)

- Kind If Day I've Had
- Everything
- Caught Me In A Trap
- Until My Ship Comes In
- Can't Get You Out Of My Thoughts
- You Knock Me Off My Feet
- Killing Me With Kindness
- Lonely Hearts Company
- You Do Something To Me
- Hole In Your Heart
- Army Of Two


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