martedì 7 luglio 2009

Shelley "Reproduction Is Pollution"

Prima degli Orlando c'erano gli Shelley. (1995 Sarah Records)

Thirty four bands released songs on Sarah. The most prolific ten accounted for almost two thirds of the material, and the top twenty for about ninety percent. At the other end, there were seven bands that released only one single apiece. Christine's Cat is the tiniest footnote, represented by Sarah 13, a one-track flexi, but Shelley, who arrived just in time for their three songs to constitute Sarah 98, the label's second to last single, are close behind. The self-loathing that chewed at the heart of many Sarah songs here lashes out, for once, with a withering denunciation of the urge to breed that seems utterly unconcerned with the demise of the species that would inevitably result (as with "Say Yes to Everything", "Reproduction Is Pollution"'s assumptions about the limited audience it addresses are integral and automatic). The narrator is so disgusted by the prospect of bringing children into an unraveling world that he can't even be bothered to invent a melody, and mutters the song in a disdainful, arrhythmic monotone. If he wanted to make the song ugly, though, he needed to have done something to get rid of the spiraling, luminescent music, something like textural early-Smiths guitar over a slow proto-hip-hop beat, and the breathy, elegantly atmospheric female backing choir. The combination of the two carries the heavy-handed sermon ("Don't talk to me about natural instinct. We've spat on Nature for far too long.") past pretension, for me, into breathtaking earnestness. The song attempts to be a paean to life ("Steep yourself in yourself", exhorts the chorus), despite also being a condemnation of life, and while I don't think it argues itself out of the contradiction, I'm mesmerized watching it try. (

- Reproduction Is Pollution
- Prejudice
- Hero


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  1. Che singolo meraviglioso...mi vengono le lacrime, al ricordo dell'emozione che mi davano i singoli della Sarah

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