mercoledì 29 luglio 2009

Tiger "Rosaria"

Comincia a mostrare un pò la corda il gioco dei Tiger, anche se appare giusto un pò più raffinato in questo disco. Ma non basta. La fine è dietro l'angolo. (1999 Tugboat)

E Piero Scaruffi dice la sua:
Unlike the thousands of interchangeable purveyors of Brit-pop, Tiger played catchy, loud, fast ditties with an experimental twist and for a few seconds seemed more serious than most British "next big things". Guitarists Julie Sims and Tina Whitlow, vocalist Dan Laidler, keyboardist Dido Hallett and drummer Seamus Freeney proved they had something to say (not just to repeat) with the singles Shining In The Wood (Fierce Panda, 1995), Race, My Puppet Pal, that straddle the line between Buzzcocks' punk-pop and Fall's disjointed rock, with a touch of Ultravox' raw synth-pop. Unfortunately, the albums We Are Puppets (Trade Two, 1996) and Rosaria (Tugboat, 1999) sound trivial and amateurish. (

From unavoidable to invisible in the blink of Britpop's eye, at least no-one could fault Tiger for effort as they attempted to seize and define their moment. Two-and-a-half years since 'We Are Puppets' failed to impinge its surrealist yelpings upon a mass consciousness, the controversially coiffured quartet return, unrepentant.
Though sprucer and more texturally diverse, 'Rosaria' reveals no fundamental shifts in musical philosophy, other than the fact of Dan Laidler occasionally crooning like a 'Lodger'-period Bowie. Part free association, part nonsense poetry and always on the murky side of opaque, Dan's lyrical domain remains a largely foreign country, yet when Tiger's post-teenage rampage cleaves to the bone the words blur like spokes on a wheel into the song's irresistible momentum. 'I Was A Rolling Stone' and 'Soho Soul' are near-perfect synthetic pop blasts, Stereolab had they gone to the pub instead of the lab, the former featuring a most commendably shameless facsimile of the intro to Roxy Music's 'Virginia Plain'.
When Tiger can, then, Tiger vehemently does. Yet the impulse to throw their toys out of the pram proves irresistible, and 'Rosaria' is an LP bedevilled by inconsistency. During the annoying ersatz nursery rhyme 'Candy And Andy' ("I'm in love with Schubert/He sure likes sherbert") a Tiger femme pipes: "'e makes it up". 'Girl From The Petrol Station', meanwhile, trots out some appalling sub-Kula Shaker raga twaddle for no
obvious reason beyond Dan mentioning "Mandalay".
Overlong at 50 minutes, 'Rosaria' proves that though Tiger still have the scent of magic on their paws, it is all too possible to try too hard.
6 out of 10 (

- Friends
- I Was A Rolling Stone
- Speak To Me
- Girl From The Petrol Station
- Candy And Andy
- Birmingham
- Root Cage
- Soho Soul
- Bee Song
- Our Simple Life
- River
- Rox Baroque


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