mercoledì 5 agosto 2009

Mercedes "Nailed"

Dolcezza e grazia sono le caratteristiche dei Mercedes. Gentile e semplice il loro guitar pop senza pretese, ma con melodie facili e soavi. Garantisce l'etichetta. (1999 Fierce Panda)

For about 12 seconds this sounded just like the Tindersticks with a young lady singing instead of Bryan Ferry through a wah-wah pedal.
Only for about 12 seconds, mind.
When 'Nailed' eventually crawls into its fitful pace, it's a fittingly mournful, minor-chord Sundays single with a singer who sounds a bit like Sheryl Crow. This is a fairly good thing,by the way.
Lovers of background information might like to know that Mercedes are three men and a little lady from Hartlepool, a town where, as they hate to be reminded, during the Napoleonic wars the local citizenry tried and hung a monkey thinking it was a French spy. Death threats to the usual address. (Jim Wirth -

- Nailed
- Junkyard
- Big Guy


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