martedì 11 agosto 2009

Raissa "Believer"

Morbida, oscura, magnetica, ma anche semplice (ma non troppo), raffinata, avvolgente. Non è facile racchiudere in poche parole il sound di questa giovane fanciulla, che giunge al suo terzo disco accompagnata da Paul Sandrone and Dan Birch. In questo album è contenuto il suo singolo di maggior successo, ovvero "How Long Do I Get". (1999 Polydor)

...One listen to her album Believer and you'll hear why. Raissa dares to be eclectic: stretching and warping her music from the string-laden atmospherics of Step On Up to the sing-along pop of Walk Right Through; from Strange World's faraway nursery rhyming to the swooney drama of How Long Do I Get. The lyrics are oblique but accessible, The tunes immediate and memorable, the music textural, unusual. Her two collaborators - Dan Birch and Paul Sandrone - bring obscure hip-hop beats and Italian-mod guitar riffs to the mix: no Britpop insularity here. Reference points? We might mention Björk, The Cocteau Twins, Portishead, Joni Mitchell, the soundtrack to Paris Texas. Raissa herself mentions Prince and Bowie as heroes. "In Britain it's easier to get away by having attitude and something to say, but in America, if you can't play, you won't make it," she says, musicainly....(

- Believer
- How Long Do I Get
- Walk Right Through
- Strange World
- Step On Up
- Beautiful Glassy Creature
- Invisible Self
- Green As Sea
- We Can't All Be Angels
- She Bubble
- Give Me Strength


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  1. Hi,

    Is there any chance you could maybe reupload this? I literally just discovered her music today and would love to check out this album. Thank you!