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Revelino "Broadcaster"

Guitar pop classico per i cari irlandesi Revelino. Un bel frullato di Byrds, Beatles, Kinks, Echo & TB ma perchè no anche i riff taglienti dei primi Radiohead. Insomma roba tosta. E se il primo disco rappresenta davvero un punto importantissimo, direi che comunque con questo secondo album riescono a tenere bene il passo, con strutture melodiche davvero vincenti. Che poi la critica ne parli bene e le vendite siano poca cosa questo è 1 altro discorso. Ci sarà spazio anche per un terzo album. (1996 Dirt Records)

After the dazzling display of flair playing that brought this imaginative, exciting outfit from second division stagnation to the brink of the premiership, for their second outing the boys have decided to add some steel, adding the solidity of strength in depth rather than go out on a limb with another audacious effort.
In other words, Revelino's follow up to their revelatory debut album concentrates on honing and polishing Brendan Tallon`s melodic gifts. There's more drive and a bigger sound (not to mention a bigger budget) than last time around, but while there are fewer extremes of sifting introspection and soaring eight mile high harmonies, quiet melodies sit comfortably alongside jagged guitars on tracks such as 'Sixth Sense', and the band's instinctive feel for classic pop-rock is still razor-sharp as on 'Radio Speaks', 'Step On High' and 'Rollercoaster', while the psychedelic swirl on the closing 'Been And Gone' is stunning.
For the most part, the songs sound more sure of themselves, even if the lyrical tone is one of uncertainty. Only on the heavy-handed epic ballad ending of 'All Hope Is Fading' does the consolidation tactic fail. But this is to quibble - Broadcaster is a confident effort, Revelino's addition of connsummate production (courtesy of Ciaran Byrne & Ronan McHugh) and robust arrangements to their chiming tunes, should, hopefully, elevate them to the top flight. (Mick Heaney - Dublin Event Guide)

Revelino follow up their eponymously titled debut album with "Broadcaster" which is now available in a record store near you. "Broadcaster "was due for release in early spring, but delays were inevitable given the problems of constructing a 16-track recording studio while recording a new album! The album is, according to themselves, not an album of messages.
"We don't issue any manifestos, but if people want to find them that's all right with us."
They describe it as more melodic and a little lighter than their debut. They ascribe the darkness of "Revelino" to the fact that it was recorded in just eight days and mixed in one night.
"It was 6 o clock in the morning, the sun was coming up and we were trying to decide the volume of the songs. It was like a trip."
"Broadcaster", on the other hand, took two weeks to mix with the help of Pat Collier of Primal Scream and The Wonderstuff mixing fame. They originally recorded about 30 songs, which was gradually cut down to the 12 which are on the final version of the album.
"The 12 songs we picked are not necessarily the best, but they fit together really well. We didn't want to release an album where all the songs were similar."
Some of the other songs have already been used as B-sides on their current single "Step on High. "The remainder" "will be used on future singles or the next album. revelino - band picture The band were disappointed about the late release of the album but from a marketing aspect it worked out just fine. "Broadcaster" will be released simultaneously in England and Ireland unlike "Revelino".
"The problem with the late release of "Revelino "in England" "was that we had to play very different live sets. In Dublin we played loads of new songs which we thought sounded really fresh, but we couldn't play them in England as we had to concentrate on promoting "Revelino.". This time we will be promoting the album at the same time everywhere. This means we can go straight into the studio and record any new stuff when we finish this tour."
Revelino fans will be happy to note that the lads intend making up for the late release of "Broadcaster" by quickly following it up with another new album. The band are optimistic about the Irish music scene into which they are releasing their new album. The Irish scene is better now that it ever was.
"There was a gap after A-House left the scene, but now there has been a resurgence of bands - The Mexican Pets and Whipping boy"
Revelino spent a busy Summer gigging extensively. The organisers of the Phoenix Festival were so impressed with their sound that they asked them to play two gigs. The lads, however, were more interested in the celebrity five-a-side soccer tournament. They made their country proud as they got to the finals, beating Massive Attack, Dodgy and a group of Virgin DJs along the way! Their more recent footballing exploits have been less successful, with Bren injuring himself playing in Ballymun. Mick McCarthy might be interested to know that he will be back playing in a couple of weeks.
This overgrown boy band are not planning on doing a Bee Gees cover à la Boyzone. Lead singer, Brendan doesn't think that its worth selling out for a £1m. Bren wasn't quite so hasty; "The Bee Gees did have a few good songs. An ABBA cover, that'd be worth a thought." (Olivia Fox -

- Radio Speaks
- Step On High
- Down The Streets
- This Song
- All Hope Is Fading
- Rollercoaster
- Close
- Sixth Sense
- Statue Of Pride
- Stay Down
- Dance Again
- Been And Gone


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  1. finalmente trovo questo disco tra i post... all'epoca mi feci ascoltare diverse canzoni dei Revelino (che prendono il nome da Rivelino, il mitico n.11 del Brasile '70... mitici!) ed io, giovanissimo fan del britpop più puro, impazzii di fronte a certi suoni, anche se... non ti diedi tante soddisfazioni all'epoca, anzi... magari ti ho pure preso in giro, visto che alcuni nomi delle band che mi hai fatto adorare all'epoca (Scarfo, Rialto, Gel) erano davvero impietosi! e dire: "I Revelino diventeranno più famosi degli Oasis" poteva sembrare un po' "blasfemo"!

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