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The Auteurs "After Murder Park"

Adoro questo disco. Così crudo e diretto (la mano di Steve Albini in produzione ne è sicuramente responsabile), ma anche così intrigante e pieno di fascino morboso. Luke Haines scive le canzoni su una sedia a rotelle causa incidente in Spagna, l'uomore dei testi e delle musiche ne risente parecchio. Ancora una volta mettiamoci in ginocchio. (1996 Hut)

The pairing of two curmudgeons like Luke Haines and Steve Albini in a studio seems like a marriage made in heaven to some, and the very thought triggers an instant headache to others. The Auteurs are unlike the typical downtrodden U.S. indie bands Albini works with, but they nonetheless walked out of Abbey Road Studios with their nastiest-sounding record. That's probably what Haines wanted, and that's what he got. Grittier guitars and sharper drums don't get in the way of the more intricate arrangements that involve strings and a dash of horn every now and then. First single "Light Aircraft on Fire" is probably the most feisty Haines song yet, kicking down the doors with the opening line, "When you cut your lover's slack, you'll get a f*cking monster back." Haines' guitar lines sparkle during the chorus but dig like claws during the verses. Ace utility man James Banbury, in his usual Auteurs role as secret weapon, contributes threatening organ swells during the seething "New Brat in Town." After Murder Park serves the usual combo platter of growlers and barbed lullabies, but Haines definitely sounds more embittered than usual, quite possibly the result of watching too many of Albini's wildlife videos. He paints plenty of "sucks to be you" scenarios with sneering flair, exposing the corrupted side of humanity just as well as his engineer when he's on the other side of the glass. Not many fates could be worse than having Haines write a song with you as the subject, but listening to him air his insightful dirty laundry is an entirely unique experience. Pretentious and snotty as Haines might be, he's one of the sharpest tools in the shed. (Andy Kellman - All Music Guide)

Working with the super-producer Steve Albini in the haunted Abbey Road studio, the Auteurs prove they've lost zero edge since their New Wave debut and 1994's grimier Now I'm a Cowboy. This third release is like a rock & roll dispatch from a parallel universe: glam, punk, early Bowie and the Beatles being taken apart and put back together all wrong.
Nothing here should work, but everything does, from the snarling insistence of "Everything You Say Will Destroy You," which frontman Luke Haines sings over a languorous strum, to the menacing march of "Buddah" and the frankly cheery visions of child murder in the title song. After Murder Park spins out its vaguely ominous, vaguely paranoid warnings of political and emotional betrayal with hypnotic, almost unvarying slowness. The Auteurs have achieved a kind of twilight status as underground superstars, but they're at the top of the charts in some other lucky dimension. (Arion Berger -

For three years now, The Auteurs have stood apart from the growing maelstrom of Brit pop. Sure, they're English and Luke Haines writes what could be called pop songs, but they just don't fit the mold. They're the square pegs who look askance at the round holes of formula. That may be why they chose to have Steve Albini produce this. The Auteurs sound good here--strong, crunchy. Some muscle has replaced the feyness of their previous releases, as if they've been spending time at the musical gym. It helps that Luke's songwriting keeps improving, and he's looking outside himself for subjects. James Banbury's cello and Hammond organ have become fully integrated into the sound and they're not afraid of dragging in strings and horns. But when you get down to it, the song's the thing, and Luke's written some beauts. "Unsolved Child Murder" could almost be the younger, darker cousin of "Eleanor Rigby." "Light Aircraft on Fire" and "The Child Brides" fairly crackle. They'll never be Oasis, or even Pulp, but they don't want to be. The Auteurs have finally established a real identity of their own. The only question is, After Murder Park, then what? (Chris Nickson -

- Light Aircraft on Fire
- Child Brides
- Land Lovers
- New Brat in Town
- Everything You Say Will Destroy You
- Unsolved Child Murder
- Married to a Lazy Lover
- Buddha
- Tombstone
- Fear of Flying
- Dead Sea Navigators
- After Murder Park


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