mercoledì 30 settembre 2009

Sugar "File Under: Easy Listening"

Dopo la furia dell' EP Beaster Bob Mould e i suoi Sugar sembrano riprendere fiato, ma lo fanno alla loro maniera, con le chitarre che sanno ancora saturare l'ambiente e la melodia che emerge in modo prepotente. Power Pop che incrocia l'acustico in momenti come sempre indimenticabili. (1994 Creation)

Given Bob Mould's reputation for searing electric rock & roll, it may be easy to think that the title of File Under: Easy Listening is ironic, and it is to a certain extent. But beneath the loud guitars lie the friendliest, most relaxed pop songs Mould had ever written. "Your Favorite Thing" and "Can't Help You Anymore" are two of Mould's most direct, pop-oriented songs, driven by instantly memorable melodies and hooks; they are also the most conventional songs on the record. The best moments come when Sugar push the boundaries a bit, whether it's on the country-rock of "Believe What You're Saying," the swirling "What You Want It to Be" and "Company Book," the searching ballad "Panama City Motel," or "Explode and Make Up," which bristles even at its most delicate moments. Mould throws in one classic spite-fueled rocker, "Granny Cool," but the record's finest moment is "Gee Angel," a powerhouse melodic scorcher. (Stephen Thomas Erlewine - All Music Guide)

- Gift
- Company
- Your Favorite Thing
- What You Want It to Be
- Gee Angel
- Panama City Motel
- Can't Help You Anymore
- Granny Cool
- Believe What You're Saying
- Explode and Make Up


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