giovedì 1 ottobre 2009

Medal "Drop Your Weapon"

Capaci di creare grandi atmosfere i Medal esordivano con questo pregevolissimo primo disco. Debitore a Radiohead ma anche a Pink Floyd, il disco dei Medal sapeva unire il pop con la capacità di far viaggiare l'immaginazione dell'ascoltatore. Un gran bel lavoro senza dubbio, che purtroppo non si è ripetuto co il successivo lavoro. (1999 Polydor)

On their debut album, Drop Your Weapon, Medal casually drop hints of The Bends-era Radiohead classics, but they focus the bulk of their efforts into establishing some of the most psychedelic and mind-expanding auras recorded since Dark Side Of The Moon.
Indeed, aside from being one of the best "swallow a bunch of drugs and put headphones on" records in recent memory, Drop Your Weapon boasts the kind of creative ambition that makes Medal demand your respect. "Poncenby Smythe," which takes its name from a character in "National Lampoon's European Vacation," burns slowly into a roaring mess of guitars, glazed with a soothing melody and boxed in by a beat surely nicked from DJ Shadow. Opener "Is Your Soul In Your Head?" wallows in a detached, Willy Wonka-esque wonderland, as singer/guitarist Jamie Hyatt begs the inquiry, "Is your love far from view, and is your fear eating you?"
The singles from Drop Your Weapon showcase Medal at their most intense. "Possibility" has a rather repetitive vocal melody, but the instrumentation behind it continues to build and build until finally, you get sucked so deep into its hypnotic groove, you'll never want to find your way out. "Porno Song" bears a striking resemblance to the unreleased Radiohead tune "Big Boots," but soon bleeds off into a flooring punch of distorted mayhem, courtesy of compelling beats and girthy bass lines. By the time you get to the middle eight, you'll be tripping over yourself, gasping for breath, begging for more.
Not every song on Drop Your Weapon is a show-stopper, nor is it meant to be. Indeed, a couple of the songs don't even have choruses, or even any vocals at all. "Visit Your Local Taxidermist" is the stand out instrumental on the record, held together by keyboardist Richard Brincklow's impressive handiwork. Subdued background instrumentation and a smear of paranoia-inducing samples bathe the track and much of the album in an electric wash of psychosis and cocktails.
Not too many bands can effectively create such a vivid mood with their first release. This album might put mushroom dealers out of business. (Brian Cohen -

- Is Your Soul in Your Head
- Up Here for Hours
- Monkey Man
- Outside
- Visit Your Locat Taxiderm
- Possibility
- Poncenby Smythe
- Porno Song
- Producto
- Getting Up


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  1. Many thanks for the rs link! This must be one of my favorites! just so sad to know they had split up...

  2. Domenica ero ad una piccola fiera del vinile, e cercando fra le offerte da 2 euro ho travato proprio i Medal e il primo, splendido, dei Bawl

  3. Could you please re-upload. Thanks.