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The Wannadies "Bagsy Me"

Qui ovviamente bisogna ringraziare il buon Claudio, che in tempi non sospetti, tanti anni fa, aveva già puntato forte sul power pop dei nordici Wannadies. E ovviamente non aveva sbagliato. Un gruppo che in questo disco trova singoli magnifici, ma è tutto i ldisco a mantenersi su livelli altissimi di melodia ed esplosività pop. Uno di quei lavori che riporta letteralmente il sole in una giornata di pioggia!! (1997 Indolent)

Swedish popsters the Wannadies share several traits in common with their compatriots, the Cardigans. One, their songs have been used extensively in TV commercials--songs such as this album's sparkly "You And Me Song" and happy-sad, bittersweet "Hit". Two, both groups started off creating fluffy, bouncy, delightfully light-of-touch 1960s-style pop music, but later mutated into something far more serious and snarling. Rock kids, both. This means that 1996's Bagsy Me is far sweeter, far more in thrall to the Wannadies' acknowledged influences like Seattle's Posies and punk stalwarts the Buzzcocks than later offerings. And three, both bands released a debut album in the UK which wasn't actually a debut--leading to considerable confusion among fans afterwards. Bagsy Me is mainly notable for the afore mentioned singles and for the nine-minute epic "That's All", which is as catchy as sunburn in Melbourne and 10 times as fun. (Everett True -

From its puzzling name (which it shares with a popular Swedish children's play written by Thomas Tidholm) to the unsettling cover art, unexplained shots of beautiful young women playing dead, the Wannadies' fourth album has a distinctly odd vibe. This continues in Pär Wiksten's lyrics; even the most sugary pop songs here barely mask undercurrents of anger, spite, resignation, and obsession. "Friends" is one of the most vengeful kiss-offs to an ex this side of early Elvis Costello, and the vaguely tropical "Oh Yes (It's a Mess)" bemoans the fact that sleeping with someone you actually like is less fun than the alternatives. The songs are uniformly excellent, with the hyperactive "Damn It I Said" featuring both the album's best chorus and coolest guitar sound and the glorious "Someone Somewhere" the most singable melody. The nearly nine-minute closer, "That's All," might tax some listeners' patience, but the hypnotic coda doesn't actually overstay its welcome. Like early albums by the Cardigans and other Swedish pop bands, the U.S. release of Bagsy Me was needlessly rejiggered, with a handful of songs replaced by tunes from the previous release, 1995's Be a Girl, and released as The Wannadies on RCA in late 1997. (Stewart Mason - All Music Guide)

- Because
- Friends
- Someone Somewhere
- Oh Yes (It's A Mess)
- Shorty
- Damn It I Said
- Silent People
- What You Want
- Hit
- Bumble Bee Boy
- Combat Honey
- That's All
- You And Me Song


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