martedì 6 ottobre 2009

The Weekenders "That Was Now But This Is Then - A Compilation"

Simpatica raccolta di singoli ormai di difficile reperibilità per i Weekenders, che in tempi molto lontani, si parla di 1994-1995 (ancora prima del brit pop vero e proprio quindi) si affacciavano sul mondo musicale britannico con i loro riferimenti filo (pre) new mod. Ringrazio il buon Paolo che me li ha fatti ricordare. Sotto un pò di commenti presi dal loro myspace! (1995 Blow Up Records)

"A good listen and, like The Easybeats' Friday On My Mind, doesn't outstay its welcome." Record Collector on 'All Grown Up', September 2007

"They regularly remind me of late Seventies Buzzcocks, or The Jam on peak form." Melody Maker ’95

"Eight classic singles which, in an ideal world, would storm the top of the hit parade and stay there" Melody Maker '94

"A fantastic example of early Britpop. Although only clocking in at 8 short tracks, there is an energy and enthusiasm here that simply isn't matched by the bigger artists that were around at the same time."

- All Grown Up
- Househusband
- Seems you've Missed Sunday
- Man of Leisure
- World of Your Own
- Inelegantly Wasted In Papa's Penthouse Pad in Belgravia
- Miles Away
- Watching The Clock


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