lunedì 30 novembre 2009

3 Colours Red "Revolt"

Altro bel dischetto per i nostri power pop punk inglesi. A dire il vero qui c'è meno punk e magari 1 occhio in più per un certo tipo di hard rock melodico (anche molto melodico!), con qualche ballata di notevole impatto, com'è giusto che sia. Perchè anche i rockers hanno un cuore tenero! (1999 Creation)

After the success of their debut, 3 Colours Red returned with the stylistically similar Revolt, an album that managed to gain moderate commercial success on both sides of the Atlantic thanks to the minor U.S. hit, "Beautiful Day." Revolt isn't much of a departure from the band's debut album, however, and it also isn't a very compelling listen. 3 Colours Red is essentially a punk band, but unlike other mainstream punk contemporaries like Green Day or the Offspring, Britain's 3 Colours Red don't have much of a sense of humor or an individual personality. The majority of Revolt rattles on at breakneck speed without ever leaving much of an impression. When the band does shine, however, its in their pop songs. The string-laden power ballad, "Beautiful Day," is a centerpiece here, as are catchy rockers like "Back to the City" and "Pirouette." On songs like these (there are a handful of genuine pop songs on the album), 3 Colours Red truly shines, and in that respect, Revolt works as a showcase for what this band could become. (Jason Damas, All Music Guide)

- This Is My Time
- Pirouette
- Beautiful Day
- Song On The Radio
- Calling To The Outside
- Intermission
- Paralyse
- Cancel The Exhibition
- Paranoid People
- Back To The City
- Be Myself
- Age Of Madness


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