martedì 24 novembre 2009

The Candyskins "Sunday Morning Fever"

A scuola di pop. Giuro ma in questo disco ci sento dentro di tutto, un compendio magnifico di quello che era il brit pop degli anni 90, dai Rialto, ai Thurman, ai Mantaray, Teenage, tutto già sentito, e allora? Chitarre che veicolano melodie travolgenti, gentilezze acustiche, arpeggi, dolcezza e rumorosità. Un disco di vero e onestissimo Brit Pop! (1997 Ultimate Records)

Returning to indie status after a failed effort for Geffen, the Candyskins recorded the charming Sunday Morning Fever. Like the group's previous two albums, the record is filled with alternately crunching and ringing guitar hooks and pretty melodies, but it is hampered by undistinguished and uneven songwriting, as well as predictable melodies. Nevertheless, the album has a raw, infectious energy that makes it a return to form of sorts for the Candyskins. (Stephen Thomas Erlewine - All Music Guide)

- Mrs Hoover
- 24 Hours (u.s.e.d.)
- Car Crash
- Monday Morning
- Get On
- Europe & Japan
- Hang Myself on You
- Disco Hell
- Circles
- Face The Day
- D.r.u.n.k.
- No No No
- Help Me
- In My Hair


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  1. Thanks for posting this! I've never been able to obtain or hear a copy of this, so this will give me a chance to finally hear it! I have their other 3 discs, so it'll be nice to finally have these songs, which should tide me over until I can land a copy of the actual CD. I asked the guy at the musicruinedmylife blog if he has this, and he directed me to your fine blog. Can;t wait to DL. Thanks.