mercoledì 18 novembre 2009

Silver Sun "Silver Sun"

Un compendio di pop. Mi ricordo quando il buon Claudio mi parlò di loro. E avevano pure Manda Rin dei Bis tra i loro fans! Che dire di questo disco? Melodie irresistibili, praticamente i Beach Boys che si svegliano alla mattina e decidono di gonfiarsi di power pop! Uno dei miei dischi preferiti di sempre in ambito pop! (1997 Polydor)

If their debut album is anything to go by, Silver Sun are four casually misogynistic serial masturbators with a profound debt to the Beach Boys and a fine line in sun-flecked power-pop. That's to do a disservice to them, however, because ignore the frequent references to "dumb bitches" and frontman James Broad's admission on "Bad Haircut" that he's "sitting on the toilet waiting to come", and Silver Sun is a whole lot of fun. In fact, geek rock seldom comes with the flagrant hyperbole of "Lava", which rather thankfully shelters its musings on the smell of young girl's bedrooms (true, unfortunately) under two-and-a-half minutes of excitable scissor-kicking and about 12 choruses piled gloriously on top of one other. Evidence that if Silver Sun could learn to, y'know, talk to 50 per cent of the world's population, then perhaps the geeks could inherit the earth. (Louis Pattison -

- Test
- Golden Skin
- Dumb
- Julia
- Far Out
- Last Day
- Service
- Yellow Light
- Lava
- 2 Digits
- This 'n' That
- Wonderful
- Bad Haircut
- Nobody
- Animals Feet


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