domenica 20 dicembre 2009

Kinesis "Handshakes For Bullets"

Una botta di energia, un pugno in faccia dritto e senza compromessi. Rock, ecco cosa sono. Sincero rock. Chiari, senza fronzoli e decisi. Le idee chiare non mancano, le chitarre taglienti nemmeno, la melodia non fa certo difetto, insomma...perchè i Kinesis non ci sono più?? (2003 Independiente)

Kinesis formed in a small town of Bolton , England . Soon after, Kinesis began to do the usual regiment of touring and making demos. But Lamacq on Radio 1 is who helped break the band to the masses. After that, countless listeners have said they sound like an early Manic Street Preachers, and here we are treated to their debut full length.
“One Way Mirror” leads off the album. The song starts with a blundering guitar riff. The song fucking rocks and with the jarring bass and brute vocals this song really starts us off with something awesome. “Billboard Beauty” is your usually song about how the media portrays people’s images. But they do it with such a pop appreciation. “Civilized Fury” is well civilized fury. Kinesis delivers solid messages behind a hard and forceful melody. “Conveyor Belt Destruction” starts with a fucking hard guitar riff and then breaks down into a softer tone. The song is reminiscent of a more modern pop rock song but they do it with more style and class than any of today’s agro rockers. “ (Comfortcomes -

"Kinesis are what it is to be young, doomed, kicking and screaming against a reckless world...a band to believe in." - 8/10, NME

"Kinesis may just be the best new band in the world." - 4.5/5 - The Fly

"...inspirational, something that reaches beyond the mundane." - 4/5, Kerrang!

"A furious, thrilling, vital debut album." - 5/5,

"Sharp as a razor." - 4/5, Bang

"Handshakes for Bullets is a snapshot of potentially one of the most important bands of their generation." -4/5, The Observer

- One Way Mirror
- Billboard Beauty
- Civilised Fury
- Bloodstained Lips
- This Dead End
- Conveyor Belt Destruction
- ...And They Obey
- (Cling To Your) Innocence
- Forever Reeling
- Average American Corpse
- Everything Destroys Itself
- Generation Devoid Of Inspiration


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