mercoledì 16 dicembre 2009

Little Hell "Demonic Advisory Centre"

Un bel dischetto di rock metalloso con chitarre grintose ma dalle quali la melodia emerge sempre con dei bei cori e dei corettoni che ci fanno pogare per tutto il salotto. Cantato tagliente e rauco come piace a me. Rispettabili. (2002 Double Dragon Records)

Little Hell is a heavy band that create songs with a "bash my teeth in and I'll still be smiling" mentality. Yes, they may not write music that requires a PhD to get (song titles run like "Eat Shit President Bush" and "Love Makes You Come Hard"), but sometimes a little senseless fun is necessary to make music good. Their debut album, Demonic Advisory Centre, is sick, twisted and yet, it makes for some great aural entertainment. Filled with Kerrang-approved screams and riffs, DAC's heavy metal punk would be shelved nicely beside the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Burning Brides, Faith No More and of course, Iron Maiden. Their aggression collides with their silly sense of humor on nearly every song, avoiding the clichéd tortured soul routine. While a lot of the songs come off as daftly catchy and riff-happy, this isn't another Andrew WK schtick. They aren't cheese, they're more likely to be committed for such subject matter as Satan's scalp and monkeys. Perfect for those times you just want to turn off the brain and enjoy some loud music, DAC takes so little out of you to enjoy it. Switch off, tune in and let the metal consume you. (Cam Lindsay -

- Welcome To The DAC
- Virus With Shoes
- Bottomless Pit
- Smart Kids Rock
- Hemotoxic
- Everybody's Cursed
- Hurting For Pleasure
- Use Your Brain
- Music Masochists
- Mouth Of The Bull
- Lose It Now
- You're All I've Got In This Lousy World


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