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Murry The Hump "Songs of Ignorance"

Simpatici i nostri ragazzi, autori di un disco leggiadro e intelligente, in bilico tra pop, folk e indie i Murry durarono decisamente troppo poco, ma la piacevolezza di questo disco rimane intatta! (2001 Too Pure)

....A second single for the label, "Don't Slip Up" and the debut album Songs of Ignorance followed. The album was described by Andy Gill in The Independent as displaying "a warmth and charm to the group's jangly indie-pop that's entirely engaging", while the NME's April Long said that it revealed "a canny aptitude not only for hook-laden guitar tricks but also story-telling", describing the band as "somewhere between the bucolic surrealism of Super Furry Animals and the cerebral pop of XTC." The Sunday Times selected "Cracking Up" as one of the 'Tracks of the Year' at the end of 2001, describing it as "Joyous, mad, brief. 2001's perfect pop song, from a great Welsh band"; [8] Their review of Songs of Ignorance from May that year also described the track as "so ripe - it has three different choruses - and so joyous, it makes you want to tear your clothes off and run for the hills.".... (

In the wake of Brit-pop, it seemed the sole export of Wales consisted entirely of the earnest stadium rock of Kelly Jones or the whoopee-cushion psychedelia of bands like the Super Furry Animals and Gorky's Zygotic Mynci. But occasionally, as with Songs of Ignorance, there was a fair indication that at least wry acoustic trios named after one of Al Capone's henchmen could survive just fine. Songs here revolve around coke-dealing wedding ceremonies ("We were walking down the church aisle, tried to score some ultra white/So I called him on his mobile, did not think it right," from "Don't Slip Up"), and the results often sound like an emo cabaret act covering Rod Stewart's "Maggie May" ("Cracking Up"). And yet, Murry the Hump rarely let the mirth boil over. Lo-fi, Amish acoustics are peppered throughout, seldom overstaying their welcome -- as they do in the charmless opener, "Green Green Grass of Home," which the band clearly find more amusing than anybody else -- and it's easy to lean back in the chair and let all the uncomplicated insincerity soak itself into the pores. (Dean Carlson - All Music Guide)

They might hail from the idyllic Aberystwyth in the heart of West Wales, but Murry the Hump's Songs of Ignorance in no way evokes the whimsical, eccentric air of mysticism that hung in the air like sweet dope smoke around the debut records from Gorky's Zygotic Mynci or Super Furry Animals. No, despite a passion for the dynamic of glam rock and the occasional countrified slide guitar, this is a thoroughly modern, exceedingly British record--far more in the spirit of Pulp's "Do You Remember the First Time" than any wistful nostalgic foray into musical yesteryear. This is largely down to Murry the Hump's incredibly charismatic, exceedingly lanky lead singer Matt Evans--a songwriter with all the wry charm of his self-confessed lyrical hero, Hefner's Darren Hayman. Take the unashamedly sentimental love song "Booze and Cigarettes", which breaks hearts with beautifully simplistic allegory ("You fill my spleen with nicotine") or the slightly goofy charm of "Green Green Grass"--a song about scoring Class Bs with a helplessly grin-inducing opening couplet: "My dealer drives a three-wheeler / Lives in a house by the side of the sea". Thankfully, for all their arch-eyebrowed humour, Murry the Hump write such pretty, affecting music that it's no trial to take this glorious debut seriously. "Songs of Ignorance"? It's bliss. (Louis Pattison -

- Green Green Grass
- Cracking Up
- Thrown Like A Stone
- Don't Slip Up
- Colouring Book
- Valley Girl
- Booze And Cigarettes
- The House That Used To Be A Ship
- Five
- New Deal
- Vodka And Wine


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  1. Grande band. I loro più belli restano i primi due, Tatay [1994] e Bwyd Time [1995], dove a regnare sono ancora imprevedibilità e follia psichedelica. Poi, il loro sound si normalizzerà in un più normale Folk Rock a tinte Beach Boys, ma resteranno sempre un ottima band..

    1. Cavolo, stavo parlando dei Gorky's Zycotic Mynci, non di questi...devo esser confuso :) Bel blog comunque.