mercoledì 27 gennaio 2010

Echobelly "People Are Expensive"

A me questo disco piace. Tocca momenti molto intensi, ragionati. Un gruppo che non parte più con l'accelleratore giù, ma riesce a calibrare grazia e grinta con precisione. Molti pezzi partono piano, con la chitarra acustica in rilievo e si muovono così, su coordinate più riflessive. Sonya pennella gentilmente. (2001 Fry Up)

Echobelly always looked like an exciting band on paper. Fronted by an articulate Anglo-Asian female singer and a black lesbian guitarist, they were a direct challenge to the laddish Britpop movement - but their records only occasionally matched the rhetoric and they faded from public view. This comeback album is a surprisingly muted affair, built around ambient experimentation and melancholy ballads rather than their old brand of guitar pop. It's a worthy effort but most of the songs sound alarmingly weary and dejected; ultimately there's very little here that really grabs the attention. A shame. (Andrew Lynch -

Echobelly's fourth album, People Are Expensive (their first without core member Debbie Smith and the safety net of major label backing), sees the group finally rectifying the contrast between Sonya Aurora Maden's voice and her band's songs. Echobelly paint in far broader sweeps of emotion now, and this lustrous lusciousness works far better with Sonya's voice--a soothing caress, its emotional timbre worked uneasily on brash early numbers such as the Morrissey-esque "I Can't Imagine the World Without Me" and "Great Things". The elegiac "Dying" and mournful "Ondine", the laidback "Fear of Flying" and mantra-like "Kali Yuga" all deal in generals, not specifics, and the result is a far more coherent, mature version of Echobelly on their fourth, rather pleasing, album. (Jerry Thackray -

- Fear Of Flying
- Tell Me Why
- Down To Earth
- People Are Expensive
- Digit
- Dying
- Kali Yuga
- Everything Is All
- A Map Is Not The Territory
- Ondine
- Point Dume


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