martedì 12 gennaio 2010

Haven "Between The Senses"

Qui andiamo proprio sul classico. Quel guitar pop made in Uk che grande ha fatto un gruppo come i Travis o i primi Coldplay, in realtà negli Haven ci si possono trovare dei veri e propri slanci lirici e di intensità che li possono quasi accostare ai Puressence. Se Johnny Marr è un "faroguida" del gruppo, beh, direi che il biglietto da visita è assai interessante. (2002 Radiate)

If popular journalism is to believed then the future of indie guitar rock lies in young upstarts such as Hundred Reasons or Lostprophets. In all honesty groups such as these offer little but light relief for the highly lucrative teenage angst market. On their debut album Haven aim a little higher, with half of this album being satisfying on more than one level. Allied with some intricate guitar playing is Gary Briggs's impressive vocal register; both attributes comparable to the soon-to-be reactivated Puressence. First single 'Say Something' inclined towards safe Coldplay/Travis territory, but the next single 'Til The End' and also 'Out Of Reach' proved them to be purveyors of intense, melodic guitar music. Just as the album seems to descend towards a rather pedestrian ending 'Is This Bliss' and 'Keep On Giving In' lead to a quietly impressive finale. With a couple of possible directions open to them after this album, it will be interesting to see which route Haven choose to travel next. (

Between the Senses, the debut album by tender Cornish rock balladeers Haven, shuffles into the spotlight with no mean amount of expectation resting upon its slender shoulders. Not only was this band relocated to Manchester under the guiding hand of Joe Moss, ex-manager of The Smiths, but Between the Senses was produced by that band's stellar guitarist, Johnny Marr. This pedigree suggests that there's something truly great brewing in the imaginations of these four young men. Far from The Smiths' sprightly witticisms, however, Haven display a grounding in more traditional rock touchstones like Buffalo Springfield and Quicksilver Messenger Service. These are songs of sweeping anthem and ornate ambition, songs that pad along the well-trodden path of earnest indie-rock, snapping hungrily at Coldplay's heels. While "Beautiful Thing" and "Say Something" swoon up there with the best of them, Between the Senses does feel a little threadbare towards the end, let down by a reliance on mid-pace rock songs and a limited palette of moods. Ultimately, this is a sturdy, competent debut. But for Haven to really live up to their much-vaunted potential, they're going to have to come up with something that resonates with a power that right now sounds maddeningly just beyond their grasp. (Louis Pattison -

- Beautiful Thing
- Where Is The Love
- Say Something
- Out Of Reach
- Still Tonight
- I Need Someone
- Til The End
- Lately
- Let It Live
- Is This Bliss
- Keep On Giving In
- Holding On


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