giovedì 18 marzo 2010

Air Balloon Road (Sarah Records)

I meriti di Claudio penso siano infiniti. Grazie a lui ho scoperto gli Adorable, i Ride, i primi miei idoli totali che poi inevitabilemnte finivo per comprare da Supporti Fonografici, si faceva (e si fa,a dire il vero) arrivare pacchi costosi di cd che a casa mia potrebbero rappresentare la mia fucilazione immediata, e poi le notti davanti al Pc a cercare gruppi, a sapere che fine aveva fatto Kevin Shield. Insomma lodi infinite. Ma fra i tanti meriti c'è anche quello, fondamentale, di avermi fatto conoscere la Sarah Records. Questa è probabilmente la mia compilation preferita. Forse perchè è stata la prima che ho preso, o forse perchè già fin dal primo pezzo l'incanto inizia veramente. L'essenza stessa di 1 etichetta discografica, ecco cosa ci trovo in questa compilation. Ora è qui sul mio blog e mi sembra come se il cerchio si chiudesse. Grazie Claudio. Grazie Sarah Records. (1990 Sarah Records)

During the first years of its existence, Sarah Records adhered to a strict policy of releasing only vinyl and only 7" singles, so when the label first started compiling those records in digital format via compilations like Shadow Factory and Temple Cloud, it was surprising enough; Air Balloon Road was even more of a shock, however, a 23-cut label best-of that effectively distilled Sarah's history thus far into a single aluminum disc, a concession to contemporary purchasing and listening habits that seemed entirely antithetical to the cloistered, indie-snob mentality at the core of the label's aesthetic. Or perhaps Sarah founders Matt Haynes and Clare Wadd realized that CD compilations like Air Balloon Road gave the label's focus real shape -- only when stacked side by side did the scope of Sarah's singles output become truly obvious, revealing both the uniform melodicism and the subtle gradations of this lovelorn, bookish guitar pop. So if you're new to Sarah and willing to shell out the cash Air Balloon Road now commands in collectors' circles, it's a great place to start -- highlights like Another Sunny Day's "I'm in Love With a Girl Who Doesn't Know I Exist," the Field Mice's "Sensitive," and the Sea Urchins' "Pristine Christine" are near-definitive examples of what the label was all about, and they've aged at least as well as any pop music of their era. (Jason Ankeny -

- It's Only Obvious...... Orchids
- I'm in Love With a Girl Who Doesn't Know I Exist....... Another Sunny Day
- Please Rain Fall.... Sea Urchins
- If You Need Someone ..... Field Mice
- Underneath the Window, Underneath the Sink..... Orchids
- You Deserve More than a Maybe..... Saint Christopher
- The End of the Affair.... Field Mice
- George Hamilton's Dead .... Golden Dawn
- Darkest Blue ..... Gentle Despite
- Sensitive.... Field Mice
- Carbrain ..... Wake
- I Don't Think It Matters.... Brighter
- Pristine Christine.... Sea Urchins
- Come Get Me .......... Iced Bears
- My Secret World.... Golden Dawn
- Sunflower..... Springfields
- You Should All Be Murdered..... Another Sunny Day
- All of a Tremble..... Saint Christopher
- These Things Happen..... Action Painting
- Dreamabout.... Poppyheads
- Green ..... Another Sunny Day
- Blue Light..... Orchids
- Noah's Ark..... Brighter


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