domenica 14 marzo 2010

The Delgados "Peloton"

Secondo lavoro per gli scozzesi e il suono si fa più raffinato rispetto all'esordio. Non mancano comunque i momenti esplosivi, ma la padronanza della materia pop inizia davvero e essere totale! (1998 Chemikal Underground)

If you're wondering where the next hot music scene might turn up, you could be looking at Scotland. No, really. Lately, the flood of truly great music has been pouring out of England's northern cousin like some kind of burst dam. Now, hold it right there: you need to just drop your preconceived notions. It's not like all they've got is the precious twee- pop of Belle and Sebastian and Adventures In Stereo, and the power pop of Teenage Fanclub and BMX Bandits, y'know.
Owing as much a debt to the Pixies, Sonic Youth, and '70s rock as to Britpop, bands like Yatsura, the Beta Band, and Bis have sent a 100,000 watt jolt of electricity through the heart of a music scene left rather barren since the bottom fell out on the Edwyn Collins market. Glasgow's Delgados, despite their having been around for a few years, firmly fit in with this new camp and, along with the Beta Band, are among rock's more promising acts.
Alright, I have to admit it: the Delgados' pristine pop does owe something to the sound of bands like Belle and Sebastian. But by adding a healthy dose of attitude, distortion (check out "Repeat Failure"), unpredictable dynamics, strong beats, and more varied instrumentation, they've created more engaging and interesting work than their Scottish colleagues. The alternating boy/ girl vocals are a nice touch as well, but... is it just me, or does Emma Pollock sound a bit like Isabel Monteiro from Drugstore?
As with the heralded Manic Street Preachers, you have to give this band big ups for their ingenious use of orchestral instruments-- it always pays off, adding gorgeous layers to already near- perfect songs. All this adds up to a great record, which could easily end up on many "Best of '99" lists. I know it's going on mine. (Sarah Zupko -

- Everything Goes Around The Water
- The Arcane Model
- The Actress
- Clarinet
- Pull The Wires From The Wall
- Repeat Failure
- And So The Talking Stopped
- Don't Stop
- Blackpool
- Russian Orthodox
- The Weaker Argument Defeats The Stronger


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