mercoledì 3 marzo 2010

Mull Historical Society "This Is Hope"

Ancora una volta emozioni a piene mani. Non vi preoccupate, non abbiate paura ad entrare in un mondo fatto di colori variopinti, di mille immagini e sensazioni...potrebbe spiazzare all'inizio, poi però ne sarete conquistati! (2004 B Unique)

Mull Historical Society's third long player, This Is Hope, is self-descriptive. Colin McIntyre once again demonstrates that he can produce some finely polished tunes. While polished, with high production values, the album appears by no means over produced or soulless. As always, the wit and cleverness of McIntyre's lyrics abound and the quirky melodies run throughout, making for an album that any band wanting to make intelligent and fun pop songs would be proud of.
The groove of "Peculiar" gets the album off to an excellent start. This archetypal pop ditty (it even has "ooh oohs") owes much of its sound to the irony of bands such as Barenaked Ladies, XTC and also Frank Zappa's Cruising with Ruben and the Jets. The near-ballad of "Death of a Scientist" descends into a semi-ELO-esque prog-rock epic but never becomes pretentious. The piano-driven "Your Love, My Gain" is a brilliantly written piece of music, the self-deprecating lyric providing the track with a Ben Folds Five feel. The orchestration and the falsetto harmonies that appear on "Len" draw influence from the classic power ballads of the 60s, something which the likes of Divine Comedy have used to great effect over the last couple of years.
This album is bursting with quality. Mull Historical Society are unafraid to use bold musical arrangements while not obscuring the pure excellence of McIntyre's melodies. The result is a very fresh, clean and honest sound. (Jamie Clark -

- I Am Hope! (Intro Track)
- Peculiar
- How 'Bout I Love You More
- Treescavengers
- This Is the Hebrides
- Tobermory Zoo
- Death of a Scientist
- Your Love, My Gain
- Casanova at the Weekend
- My Friend the Addict
- Len
- In the Next Life (A Requiem)


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  1. Il file 3 Death of a Scientist non funziona...ciao e grazie Ricky!

  2. Accidenti! Buono a sapersi!
    Conto di sistemarlo al più presto!
    Ciao. Ricky