mercoledì 14 aprile 2010

East River Pipe "Garbageheads On Endless Stun"

Vado a chiudere con questo disco la serie delle produzione di FM Cornog. Ci sarebbe ancora qualcosa da postare ovviamente, ma per adesso va bene così. Meno chitarre e più tastiere in queto disco, che se nei testi si dimostra sempre una spanna sopra a tanti altri, nella musica risulta essere, in alcuni frangenti, un pò monocorde o non particolarmente ispirato. (2003 Merge)

One can see a lot from a secluded bedroom, even with the blinds closed. That's the paradox at the heart of the bleak, beautiful recordings F.M. Cornog alter-ego East River Pipe has conjured up in the confines of his Queens apartment for a decade. And while his determinedly singular methods have garnered that most left-handed of complimentary alt.rock tags--"lo-fi"-- there's a beautiful, understated opulence to every track here, tribute to Cornog's laconic pop sense and growing prowess with his faithful mini-studio. More importantly, Pipe's unique interior vista encompasses considerably more than his own hard-knocks résumé, from puzzled meditations on the old-cash class ("Where Does All the Money Go?," "Millionaires of Doubt") to litanies of free-floating dysfunction ("Monumental Freaks") and romantic deconstructions ("I Won't Dream About the Girl," "Girl On the Freeway"). Yet his troubled past can't help but deepen the shadows of "The Long Black Cloud," a nigh-perfect lament that sounds like it's been in permanent rotation on a jukebox in some dank, Lynchian roadhouse, or the detached, chilling impressionism of "I Bought a Gun in Irvington" and fade-away fatalism of the closing "It's Always Been This Way." In an age of oppressive pre-fab pop conformity, Cornog's a bracing reminder of the potential of a single, determined heart-- even when it doesn't get out much. (Jerry McCulley -

- Where Does All the Money Go?
- Monumental Freaks
- I Won't Dream About the Girl
- I Bought a Gun In Irvington
- Girls On the Freeway
- The Long Black Cloud
- Arrival Pad #19
- Streetwalkin' Jean
- Stare the Graveyard Down
- Millionaires of Doubt
- It's Always Been This Way


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