mercoledì 14 aprile 2010

Mo Solid Gold "Brand New Testament"

Ma pensa te! Cosa può nascere dalle ceneri dei These Animal Men. Folgorati sulla via del "funk soul" i Mo Solid Gold creano il connubio perfetto e tra pulsioni rock e visioni gospel, realizzando un mix micidiale dove i Rolling Stones incontrano James Brown che sta facendo una prova con i Charlatans. Sembrava filare tutto alla perfezione, ma dopo solo un disco il gruppo saluta tutti. Un vero peccato. (2001 Chrysalis)

Only a small, select group of bands have tried to marry pure soul with straight-out rock'n'roll - it's just too hard to pull off without sounding ridiculously hamfisted. British combo Mo Solid Gold, however, clearly don't believe in playing by the rules and their debut album is a heady mix of driving guitars, euphoric gospel chorus and powerfully rich vocals. Amzingly enough, the band was born out of the ashes of These Animal Man, also-rans of the short-lived New Wave of New Wave scene. This time around, they've got it gloriously right. An exhilarating album that deserves far more attention than it'll probably get. (Andrew Lynch -

- Solid Gold
- Prince Of The New Wave
- Mo Trilogy
- David's Soul
- Miss America In Space
- Safe From Harm
- Personal Saviour
- Come Together
- Motorway
- On My Mind
- Spooky Too


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