sabato 3 aprile 2010

My Drug Hell "This Is My Drug Hell"

Gruppo ancora in attività, visto che l'anno scorso è uscito il loro secondo disco, a distanza di ben 13 anni (!!) da questo piccolo gioiellino che a mio avviso rimanda a gente come Love o Doors (senza l'organo però!). Anche in questo caso una richiesta che viene esaudita! (1996 Ulg Records)

A Brit trio with the stripped-down, skeletal punch of The Velvets, and the fervent clang and melodic strum of the Go-Betweens. In other words, this is good stuff. More than '60s smiley pop revivalists like Oasis or Kula Shaker, My Drug Hell can mix that happy-go-lucky jangle with contempo "love has burned me again" lyrics as on the Doors-like swing of "You Were Right, I Was Wrong." It's not all glower and gloom as the lads bust out the tambourines on the catchy, "Girl at the Bus Stop" which builds like The McCoys' "Hang on Sloopy" without falling into a charging chorus; here, the girl stays at the bus stop, and vocalist Tim Briffa just keeps on walking. Briffa keeps himself at a distance, mostly moping, yet the songs bristle with edge and urgency, sometimes even breaking into a dancey, latter-day Jam/Weller groove as in "For Your Eyes." While it may sounds like My Drug Hell are all over the map, their sound is consistent and infectiously their own. (John Chandler -

- Don's Say Goodbye
- 2 a.m.
- You Were Right, I Was Wrong
- Girl at the Bus Stop
- Maybe We Could Fly
- Jinx's Hole
- For Your Eyes
- She Locked My Heart up (And Swallowed the Keys)
- Teen Psycho Nightmare
- She Flies So High


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