sabato 17 aprile 2010

Nancy Boy "Nancy Boy"

Gran bel disco questo. tra glam rock e plasticosità anni 80 viaggia che è un piacere. (1996 Sire)

Much like the Britpop craze in the U.K., American-British-Canadian hybrid Nancy Boy campaigns to bring fun, fashion and style to American pop music. Led by celebrity kids Jason Nesmith (son of the Monkee's Mike Nesmith) and Donovan Leitch (son of folk singer Donovan), Nancy Boy melds a glamorous, witty image to some fun, concise pop songs. They're at their best on songs like "Deep Sleep Motel," "Johnny Chrome and Silver" and "I Don't Mind" -- frivolous, frothy pop spiked with loud guitars and lots of attitude. Nancy Boy chronicles the life and times of a beautiful-boy rock band; it's sort of a concept album about being young, fashionable and snotty. While Leitch's voice is a bit of an acquired taste (particularly on ballads like "Sometimes" and "Dearest Girl"), with Nancy Boy the style is the substance, and from cover to disc, Nancy Boy looks and sounds good enough to please trend-hoppers and music fans alike. (Heather Phares - All Music Guide -

- Deep Sleep Motel
- Can You Dig It
- Johnny Chrome and Silver
- Sometimes
- Colors
- Foxtrot
- Rocking Chair
- Dearest Girl
- I Don't Mind
- Mother's Ruin
- W.R.I.P.
- Ultrasex
- You Deserve a Place


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