sabato 17 aprile 2010

Shed Seven "A Maximum High"

Più carico e concreto dello splendido esordio, brilla come un diamante preziosissimo nella galassia del Brit Pop. I ragazzi sono cresciuti e le melodie si fanno esplosive, ma anche dolci e intense. Un disco di guitar pop rock magnifico. (1996 Polydor)

Perpetual underdogs, Shed Seven seldom received critical acceptance, and the reasons why are writ large over A Maximum High. There's failed attempts at glamour ("Going For Gold"), there's thwarted, over-reaching ambition ("Getting Better") and there's whining, unrequited love ("This Day Was Ours") that combine to suggest that Shed Seven were never quite the match to their Britpop contemporaries. A Maximum High condemned Shed Seven as a poor man's Oasis. Divorce yourself from Shed Seven's sullied reputation, though, and A Maximum High is, on the whole, a fairly likeable pop record. "On Standby" and "Where Have You Been Tonight" aim to provide a joyous link between The Smiths and the Rolling Stones, and almost achieve their lofty ambitions, while "Bully Boy" and the fractured closer "Parallel Lines" prove that Shed Seven sometimes, occasionally, can be really very good. (Louis Pattison -

- Getting Better
- Magic Streets
- Where Have You Been Tonight?
- Going For Gold
- On Standby
- Out By My Side
- Lies
- This Day Was Ours
- Ladyman
- Falling From The Sky
- Bully Boy
- Parallel Lines


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