mercoledì 12 maggio 2010

Freeheat "Retox EP"

Buon progetto di Jim Reid, a quel tempo in fuga dai Jesus e comunque accompagnato da Ben Lurie, altro collega di gruppo. Ep interessante che anticipa di..4 anni...giuro, l'uscita di un album vero e proprio. La musica? Beh...da certa gente sai sempre cosa aspettarti!!(2002 Outafocus Recordings)

This five track EP will be released on Outafocus Recordings on February 18th, the debut record from the group fronted by former Jesus & Mary Chain members Jim Reid and Ben Lurie. ‘The Two of Us’ is a true indie track, juxtaposing the male and female vocals of the band in a happy, poppy number. ‘Facing Up To The Facts’ is somewhat more chaotic, sounding like it was recorded at amateur night in the local pub, but in a truly great way. ‘Shine On Little Star’ harks back to the great days when Primal Scream and The Stone Roses ruled, sounding and feeling distinctly northern, if that’s possible, a style carried through to the semi-acoustic pseudo-whine ‘The Long Goodbye’. But the winner has to be the empowering ‘Nobody’s Gonna Trip My Wire’, a classic rant at anyone who thinks they know what’s best for you, utilising heavy, melodic distortion, and trippy programming to create a dark, liberated sound. With the roots this group has, the overall quality is not surprising, and the style deeply rooted in their past combined with a modern edge should ensure at least moderate success. (

- Two Of Us
- Facing Up To The Facts
- Shine On Little Star
- Long Goodbye
- Nobody's Gonna Trip My Wire


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