domenica 2 maggio 2010

Saint Rose "Call For Calm"

Il cantante dei Jaguar non ci sta e così, dopo lo scioglimento di quella che a suo dire doveva essere la formazione che sarebbe diventata più famosa degli Oasis, eccolo tornare in pista con i Saint Rose. Non perde il vizio di infercire i singoli di Demo e versioni acustiche, ma, ahinoi ha perso il vizio di scrivere pezzi freschi e con grandi melodie e così tra bolsaggini rock assortite questi 3 pezzi scorrono via e non lasciano traccia. Peccato. (2003 31 Recordings)

I spotted this CD squashed in the record racks of the local disc emporium looking unloved and neglected. Four more kids with long hair and a bag full of stratospheric sounding songs, don’t you just love ‘em. ‘Call for calm’ is the debut release for the hotly tipped London based Saint Rose, (named apparently after a Saint who ‘played guitar and harmed herself’), who so far have had their fair share of bad luck nearly having had their bass guitarist deported by the Home Office, surely his playing isn’t that bad? Jokes aside a pretty neat three tracker if you like your indie rock a little more poppified. ‘Call for Calm’ is drip dried in Cathedral sized razor sharp chord sequences that soar skywards like searchlights, bleached with all manner of loud / quiet dynamics, pensive and exuberant all at once, very, very tasty if you ask me. However given the choice I quite prefer the storm chasing charm of ‘Virtual reality’ on the flip side, sounding not unlike Radiohead caught in an electrical storm, a brutish exhibition of shard flying passion pop. Equally engaging is the gently ambling ‘One long day’ that ends the set is with some gorgeous treated slide guitar which gives the whole thing a lonesome distant atmospheric sheen, quite a beautiful thing all said and done. (Mark -

- Call for Calm
- Virtual Reality (demo)
- One Long Day (acoustic)


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