venerdì 28 maggio 2010

A "Teen Dance Ordinance"

Forse si lasciano un pò troppo prendere la mano i ragazzi in qesto disco...troppi muscoli per i miei gusti. E guarda caso si arriva al capolinea, anche se so che ultimamente hanno ricominciato a suonare insieme sempre con il nome di A. (2005 London)

Perhaps it is the recording destination of Seattle that has provided the lively and fun punks; A with a darker, more mature and biting direction for their new album? Jason Perry howls out with his prevalent piercing vocals about the frightening nature of relationships and suffering in the cutting previous single ‘Rush Song’. The self loathing follow up and next single ‘Better Off With Him’, marks an endearing return to their old friend that is the anthemic pop punk category.
The album title is taken from a Seattle & Washington state law that forbade 15-18 year olds from attending gigs unaccompanied sees the guys grabbing the political mantle, and then tearing into it with the insight of Elvis Costello. Grunge, post rock, Psychobilly and good old fashioned pop punk trickle through this offering like blood down a wall, as A get emotional and angry about a range of issues with the slower and haunting ‘Die Tonight’ epitomising this. The psychedelic punk of ‘Black Hole’ adds a bit of vehemence and spice to this broad collection, while ‘Hey’ is a simple and effective crasher about independence and self belief. This sincere quintet makes great advocates on behalf of those who hold dear to their hearts the latter two human qualities. (David Adair -

On their fourth album, Teen Dance Ordinance, A have undergone yet another transmogrification, mutating from the Sting that it’s alright to mosh to into a thrashy, hard-rock band of furious energy and impressive capability. Kicking off with the explosive "Rush Song" – which sees frontman Jason Perry shrieking about "shitting bricks" and sneering "Hey! This is a love song/Hands up if you feel it", while it so very clearly isn’t – this is a record that comfortably runs rings round most of the heavy-rock competition, the likes of "The Art Of Making Sense" and "2nd Coming" meshing buzzsaw guitars and Adam Perry’s frenetic, on-point drumming with a nagging tunefulness (since day one, something of an A trump-card).
The lack of chirpiness could be down to several things: the influence of producer Terry Richardson, known for his work with Pantera, the Deftones and Soundgarden; or the recording locale, Seattle’s Studio X, which has previously hosted the likes of Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Whatever, it suits A, and Teen Dance Ordinance is testament to the virtue of being the sort of band that just can’t sit still (Louis Pattison -

- Rush Song
- Better Off With Him
- The Art Of Making Sense
- Someone Else (Album Version)
- Die Tonight
- 2nd Coming
- Wake Up
- Black Hole
- Hey
- Worst Thing That Can Happen
- Afterburner
- Wisdom


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