venerdì 21 maggio 2010

A "Vs Monkey Kong"

Simpatici e divertenti e poi mi hanno sempre fatto venire in mente una versione più muscolosa dei Police, sto parlando degli A, che in questo secondo lavoro affinano sempre di più il loro suono che poi li porterà alle vette dei dischi a seguire. Niente male davvero. (1999 Tycoon Recordings)

Make way for the first great brother band of the 21st century. A, an economically titled Brit band featuring siblings Jason, Adam, and Giles Perry, combine the harmonic splendor of the Beach Boys with the sonic onslaught of the Buzzcocks. The band doesn't hide its influences on this, their U.S. debut: Jason's upper-register vocals evoke a more tuneful Perry Farrell on "Jason's Addiction," while "Old Folks" is the best early Police song Sting never wrote. There are even moments where A sounds like a punk rock Yes (they covered "Owner of a Lonely Heart" on an early B-side). Yet they get away with all this and more, thanks to deft craftsmanship, killer chops, and striking arrangements. Moogs, muted trumpets, and the learning toy Speak & Spells sneak into the traditional rock mix, and virtually every track comes with an intoxicating anthemic chorus. And with lyrics like, "Yeah, the trees are pretty wide / That's where Sonny Bono died / All is quiet on New Year's Day," what's not to love? (Bill Forman -

- For Starters
- Monkey Kong
- "A"
- Old Folks
- Hopper Jonnus Fang
- Summer On The Underground
- Warning
- If It Ain't Broke, Fit It Anyway
- Here We Go Again (I Love Lake Tahoe)
- Don't Be Punks
- Down On The Floor
- Jason's Addiction
- Miles Away
- Getting Around


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  1. Now this is a great album!

  2. Per due volte mi dice che la track 13 ha problemi...

  3. Grazie Au....magari lo riposto...hai fatto bene a dirmelo.