martedì 20 luglio 2010

Snakebite City Compilation - Vol. 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

Che che nostalgia! Il buon Claudio tira fuori dal cassetto dei ricordi queste mitiche compilation della Blue Fire Music. Se non erro sono arrivati fino alla 12. la loro missione era quella di far emergere quella miriade di gruppi molto piccoli, ma molto bravi, che con canzoni e umili 7" cercavano di emergere nella bolgia del Brit Pop. Alcuni di questi gruppi hanno avuto la loro gloria e la loro meritata notorietà, altri invece sono scomparsi senza lasciare traccia.
Eppure come non innamorarsi di questa dedizione, come non mangiarsi le mani e dire: "Ma come?? Perchè questi non ce l'hanno fatta? Erano bravissimi!!"...un tuffo nel passato, un tuffo in quello che è la vera risocperta di gruppi che non meritano di essere dimenticati....a voi alcune compilation Snakebite City!!

Snakebite City 7:

Agebaby - Go go go
Tiny Too - Basement
Action Heroes - Rebel at the weekend
Vyvyan - Teenage wannabe
Peptone - Candidate for wax
Fling - The King has lost his crown
The Crocketts - Cars and Football
Co-Star - Vanilla essence
Massey - Where's the party
Girliegerm - Dogstar
Stairwell - Nothing new
Longshore Drift - Holiday
Glitterbox - I wanna be your friend
Spillage - Five alive
Inter - Game over
Moreaus Island - Carol falling
Novocaine - Analyse me
Twinkie - Social faux pas
Mascara - V sign
Spud - Cheapskate
Holy Roman Empire - Leftwinger
Disco - No phones
Travis Cut - Asmuchas
Avalanche - It must be Rock and Roll
Velodrome 2000 - Bobby Gillespie is a virgin

Snakebite City 6:

Spacemaid - Bigger than life
PA Skinny - Chill out
Disco Pistol - Supersexy revolutionary
Dustball - Let it lie
Jolt - Sex and cheques
Sexlovebusterbaby - Steve Austin
Pullover - Liar
Taxi Driver - I'm in love
Brazen Hussies - Touch it (Hughie mix)
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Roadrage
Mercedes - Sinc
Gel - Yellow 12
Superstar Disco Club - Postcards from the edge
Sludge Nation - One last rush
Descent - Ever
Deluxor - Ecstacy
Twister - No bell at Bognor
The High Fidelity - Addicted to a TV
Spillage - Ventolin vendetta
Rotation - Crashing out
Ex Boyfriends - Tuesday afternoon
Pohoda - Talk of Los Angeles
Speedomatic - Somebody's following me
Girlfriendo - Who put the bop
Oizone - You're gorgeous

Snakebite City 5:

Dweeb - Beat me (Bedroom Demo)
Gouge - Lippy
The Sweeney - Shut Up!
The Bigger The God - Miss Pritchard
Tongue - Controller
Midget - Camouflage
Speed Urchin - What it takes
Twister - teenage pregnancy
Inter - You lose
Posh - Rough lover
Pharmacy - Things fall apart
Freeboy - Happy new hair
Pa Skinny - TV Babies
Popstars - Brother was a Nazi
Showgirls - I wanna be you
Avalanche - Tumbledown
Furball - Open ended
Who Moved the Ground? - Angry disco
Raggity Anne - The girl with a black eye
Slender - Today I'm a shoplifter
Deaf Planet - Strangeface
Lithium Joe - Disappointed
Cleatus - Barry White
Mega City Four - Dustbowl

Snakebite City 4:

Gouge - The Scene
Kung Fu - Birdy
Bis - Pop Socks
Gink - Out On The Floor
Cuckooland - As Good As It Gets
Apocalypse Babys - Still Unsigned
Pink Kross - Punk Rock Riot
The Shreds - Be My Baby
The Perfect Circles - Cryin' Out For Love
Wat Tyler - Saragosa Girl
Chicane - Kapowee
Angora - Lonelymansong
Skipper - Grateful
The Glory Strummers - Bring 'em Down
Cleatus - Quizshow
Showgirls - Saturation Saturday
Profondo Rosso - Operation Miranda
Big Boy Tomato - Carryout
Breaker - Blameless
Mad Carson - Aeroplane
Who Move The Ground? - Pet





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  1. These Bluefire comps hold some great rare britpop. Thanks!!! I believe 1-3 are only available as vinyl. After 7 they didn't offer that much in the way of britpop-esque bands.

  2. That was me all those years ago - I created and ran Bluefire running around gigs finding these bands- I released 12 snakebite City vols plus various singles and albums. Vols 1 & 2 were only on vinyl and 3 was on CD but sold out very quickly and was never repressed.

    Thanks for keeping the memory going!!

  3. Many Thanx Paul!
    You are the best!! ;-)