martedì 31 agosto 2010

Action Spectacular "From Here on It's a Riot"

Il mio unico ricordo di questo disco è...."non ho nessun ricordo". Spinto dalla curiosità e anche dalla bruttissima copertina mi sono messo ad ascoltarlo e sono resistito 20 secondi a pezzo. Dio che porcheria. E' bello avere a casa simili dischi. Ma è più bello regalarli. (Curveball 2000)

As in a laugh, or a revolution? Action Spectacular are hoping for the latter, for they are a band with An Agenda. Emerging from deepest Sheffield not with the usual PR doubletalk, but with their own extremely compelling rhetoric, they rail against "mediocrity" and "rose tinted revivalism", promising the sort of "improvement and improvisation" that will make us all feel awfully foolish for thinking, for a second, that Coldplay might be the future of rock.
Unfortunately, when it comes down to the crunch, Action Spectacular don't have enough energy - or ideas - to pull it off. Certainly, they excel at fluid melodies and observant, well-crafted lyrics. There are two songs - 'Hey Duffy' (about adolescent sexuality) and 'Transformers' (about Brian May, apparently) - which are positively heart-wrenching, but about as sonically revolutionary as spoons. 'Roxy Music' prods deft, Pulp-inflected pop, 'General Lee' mingles alt-country and jaunty dancehall like a clear-thinking Beta Band, 'Every Second Counts' has a pleasantly dozy Happy Mondays backbone, and the lovely 'Music In The Sun' evokes Badly Drawn Boy's wistful romanticism. All nice, mildly experimental classicism, but no riot.There's a wan cast to every song, like a party balloon listing at half mast. Even 'Stand Up', a - grrrr - vitriolic articulation of the band's intent ("Acid teds and techno ravers all the youth has been disabled/Replica drones sing 'never ever'...") sounds hollow and dispirited. Action Spectacular protest wasted potential, yet there's tankards of that here. The Action is sorted. The Spectacular, however, needs work. 6 out of 10 (

- Roxy Music
- General Lee
- Music in the Sun
- Streetfighter 2
- Half Empty Bottle
- Stand Up
- Drew Barrymore
- Every Second Counts
- Hey Duffy
- Transformers


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