domenica 8 agosto 2010

Gloss "Gloss"

Adorabile terzetto con voce femminile (ovviamente!!) che faceva del pop leggiadro e delizioso. Tutto molto spigliato e solare, la colonna sonora ideale per una piacevolissima estate all'insegna del disimpegno. Peccato che questo resti il loro unico album. (2002 Nude Records)

- Lonely In Paris
- My Heart Belongs To You
- New York Boy
- This Is All I Need
- Everyday
- On And On
- Dont You Worry
- Why
- I Swear
- Aeroplane
- Another Day
- Gone Too Long
- Sleepless Night


4 commenti:

  1. yeah. my 3rd re-try.

    I have a rapidshare premium account, so..I'm always d-loading , like, 30 rar. files at a time.

    anyway...tried once again, says: "An error ocurred attempting to expand .... " and it only has 3 songs in the folder.

    awesome blog, BTW! been checking it for a long time.

    I DO want to hear this..and it seems this blog is the ONLY place online who has a share of it right now. keeps downloading for a nano-second, then the error message- 3rd try on this rar. file.


  2. Mmmmmhhhh.
    Mike, write your email...i send file to you!!
    Ciao. Ricky

  3. i've got no problem with downloading and listening the album! all is okay.


  4. thank you, I really appreciate this!

    here ya go:

    wow. thank you very much indeed.