sabato 4 settembre 2010

Blind Mr. Jones "Tatooine"

Secondo lavoro per questi "figli dei Ride", magari meno incisivo rispetto all'esordio, ma indimenticabile! (1994 Cherry Red)

A second helping of sonorous splendor from these six pacific Marlow, England, lads. Tatooine is not quite as strong or as immediately appealing as 1992's Stereo Musicale, released the previous year on the Planet label.
That debut had more bite, dug in harder, and seemed bigger sounding than this (gone now are the pleasant Slowdive comparisons). However, on the plus side, they've ditched that slightly overused flute, and the sextet's quiet dalliance and lulling vocals can still transport a weary soul to a nicer place.
The tickling guitar work, though too far in the background this time (volume faders up, ye mixers!!!), can be fascinating. And if you stick with Tatooine 'til track eight, "Please Me" finally finds them scrambling off the deck with something a little more dramatic like their older work, and they still can sound modestly wondrous, and the closing "Mesa" is oh-so-gorgeous. (Jack Rabid - All Music Guide)

- Hey
- Disneyworld
- Viva Fisher
- See You Again
- Big Plane
- Drop For Days
- Surfer Baby
- Please Me
- What's Going On
- Mesa


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