lunedì 20 settembre 2010

Whipping Boy "B-sides"

Compendio necessario al loro magnifico album sono queste B-sides, altrettanto belle e intense, tranquillamente accostabili alla canzoni presenti su Heartworm! (1995 Columbia)

- As The Day Goes By
- When We Were Young (Philo Version)
- Caroline Says II [Lou Reed]
- Here I Am
- Disappointed
- Plaything
- Suspicious Minds [Elvis Presley]
- Twinkle (Acoustic)
- Favourite Sister (Live)
- We Don't Need Nobody Else (Acoustic)
- A Natural


3 commenti:

  1. good taste. one of Irleand's best, ever.

    Into Paradise were freaking hot, too.

  2. I do agree with both of you .
    "We don't need nobody else" is a very good song !