martedì 5 ottobre 2010

Laeto "Make Us Mild"

Chiamateli post rock, chiamateli fratellini dei Mogwai, chiamateli come volete, ma l'importante è ascoltarlo per bene questo disco: magnificamente intensi. Esplosioni e crescendo chitarristico/emotivi che sanno veramente esaltare. Questo era il loro album d'esordio, e se non erro dovrebbero ancora essere in attività! Molto bravi davvero! (2000 Guided)

The music press often describe Laeto as a carbon copy of Mogwai because their songs are predominantly freeform instrumentals with calculated and complex time signatures, rumbling feedback and quiet/loud dynamics.
But I think the Mogwai comparisons are harsh as Laeto also have more rock-based side to their music, which is probably because they’ve grown up listening to the likes of Mudhoney, Shellac and Fugazi
These influences become apparent when you listen to the epic ‘History Explained’ where Fraser has to battle to get his voice heard over the chunky guitars and mental drumming, and ‘Wild Nature Crank’ where Fraser loses the fight and his vocals are drowned by the repetitive fuzzy guitars.
These two songs are undoubtedly the best two songs that Laeto have produced so far in their brief career and hopefully there will be more like that on their next album, which they should be recording soon.
The only disappointing tracks on this album are the four time fillers that are titled ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’… what imagination!
All four last about the same amount of time as it’ll take you read these two sentences. Apart from that there isn’t anything wrong with the album, remember Laeto are: fabulous.
(James Moore -

- Rowan Querilla
- Tears On The Golfcourse
- A
- Wildnaturecrank
- B
- For The Driver
- C
- Histography
- D
- El Topo


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